Feel PAWerful By Volunteering At These Local Animal Shelters In Mumbai

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Mumbai is a city filled with animal lovers, and we have jotted down a few places that are making a difference. Feel like doing something productive over the weekends? Check out these animal shelters that could do with a few extra hands with taking care of the furry lil bundles of joy. 

Save Our Strays (SOS), Andheri

Anyone looking to adopt a pup or a kitten? Save our Strays focuses solely on adoptions, sterilization and providing first aid to stray cats and dogs. If you think you don’t have the time and energy needed to raise a pet, but still want to contribute, you can help them with adoptions, participate in day-to-day activities or through donations (cash or kind - animal food, antibiotics, medicines, rabies vaccines etc.

Or you can sponsor an animal too. All you've got to do is donate a sum amount of INR 1,500 per month which will cover the cost of food, lodging and medical expenses of an animal. 

#LBBTip: If you're looking to donate money, you can check out their bank account details on their website. Or you can send cash/cheque/basic necessities to their Khar office. 

World For All, Andheri East

With social media growing at a rapid pace, it's super important to be present and active on all the platforms. World For All is one such shelter that has a huge following on FB and Whatsapp groups. Their presence on these channels helps them take care of stray puppies, dogs, kittens, and cats. Their focussed programmes revolve around animal adoption and rescues, spay neuters and children adoption and awareness.

They assign jobs to volunteers only when there’s a requirement. However, you can always help them with donations and can sponsor life of animals too. 

#LBBTip: They've even got a tiny online store where you can purchase calendars and laptop skins.

BSPCA, Parel

The Bombay Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals cares for animals’ basic needs and provides support to enhance their overall quality of life. They don’t ask much from their volunteers, only 12 hours of their time (per month). As a volunteer, you'll help with care of animals in the hospital, be an essential part of the hospital team, help groom the animals, photography etc. You also have the option of being a foster mom or dad to litters of puppies/kittens/birds.

#LBBTip: You can also sign up for dog walking over the weekends or weekdays. 

In Defence Of Animals, Navi Mumbai

Since it's inception, In Defense of Animals (IDA), has been actively involved with rescuing of abused animals, providing shelter, campaigning to secure legal recognition of animals, and promoting Animal Birth Control (ABC) program.

They have segregated volunteers into several groups. You can help them get new recruitments, helping in rescues and raise donations, create campaigns and content, and tend to the daily needs of the animals at their shelter. You can also opt to be a 'Guardian Angels' wherein you can sponsor a pet of your choice for INR 12,000 per year. 

Youth Organisation In Defence Of Animals (YODA)

They are extremely well known for their work and have a huge following from the locals. YODA is a small establishment, but effective nonetheless. You can volunteer with them to feed and groom the resident dogs, help with adoptions, take them to vets and also in spreading the word about the organization and their cause. 

They've got a Facebook group which you can join to keep a tab of their latest activities and events. 

Welfare Of Stray Dogs (WSD), Mahalaxmi & Fort

This NGO has effortlessly dedicated themselves towards helping street dogs, eradicating rabies and control the street dog population in a humane and a scientific way. If you're an animal lover, there's a lot you can do here.

They have a dedicated Sunday first-aid programme where the volunteers are trained to treat strays for minor skin diseases and injuries. Apart from that, volunteers can head to their kennel and walk the dogs, feed them and even help give them a shower. Scared of coming in contact with dogs? Well, you can help with sales of their merchandise, social media or help with multiple campaigns. 

#LBBTip: They've got first-aid round every Sundays for animals lovers. The groups meet outside the Eros Theater in Churchgate at sharp 9:30 and head in different localities to treat stray animals of basic injuries and diseases. 

All About Them, Worli

Devoted to providing a better and safe life for the voiceless, All About Them is an animal recovery center that provides temporary shelter and care to animals till they are nurtured back to health. And they are also involved in sterilizing street animals.

Volunteers are a big welcome here and play a crucial role at All About Them. You guys can gain first-hand experience on first aid treatment, volunteer at events and adoption camps, assist in the inspection of prospective adopters, help transporting animals,  etc.  

Animals Matter To Me, Malad

Animals Matters To Me was born with the objective to come up with humane and sustainable methods of managing strays and addressing their medical needs. Apart from their sterilization programs, they're actively involved in animal adoptions, pet health care, foster care, pick and drop of animals in critical conditions. 

That's just not it. They've got a whopping 17-acre sanctuary in Kolad which is more like a cageless haven for the homeless animals. Expect Gaushalas, catteries, dog homes, aquatic ponds, cattle ward, aviary, hospital etc. 


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