Deck Up Your Home With Handcrafted Decor From This Hidden Gem

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What Makes It Awesome

Annabella Crafts is an obscure shop ‘blatantly hidden’ among the fruit sellers and fancy bakeries in the area. We went to find out what’s inside, and boy! Were we in complete awe?

Sourced from all over India, Annabella sells handmade decor pieces and utility items that’ll have you spending all your money. They have trays made out of palm jute for INR 950 (we were told it takes a lot of mehnat to make it), leather lampshades starting at INR 1,000; seating options made out of tyres (INR 15,000 for a set of two chairs and one center table), pretty coasters for INR 550, shoes/mojris for INR 1,000 and a lot more. It’s sort of a vortex for those who love keeping their houses beautiful.

Since we're anyway hooked to the shop now, we want you to go and check out for yourself (and be in awe too) And if home decor makes you go weak in the knees and you’re always looking for things to deck up your home, keep Annabella in mind.


They also do fairy lights in different shapes and sizes, so make sure you grab some to beautify your space. 


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai