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Beautiful Lamps, Furniture & More Made Of Scrap Metal? Only With Anything Metal


    Anything Metal Works is an upcycling initiative started by two ace weldors and metal fabricators and they excel at doing what they do – realising the mettle of metal {sorry}.

    What To Buy

    The weirder, the better – very few companies will give you that tag line. Anything Metal Works, a collaboration between self-proclaimed scrap metal hoarder Zarwan Elavia and Johan Pais, is probably the only one. Their portfolio boasts of quirky home decor, metal installations and motorcycle customisations you won’t get anywhere. Think ash trays  {INR 1,200} made out of scrap, clocks {INR 2,000 upward}, lamps {INR 3,000 upward} and even furniture {INR 12,000 upward}. The prices depend on the materials used, intricacy and the amount of customisation put into the product. The amazing thing, however is that they are open to ideation.


    So, We're Saying...

    If offbeat decor is your game and you like to mix up soft tones with something rugged, Anything Metal Works should be on your speed dial.