Stay Connected: 5 Apps To Stay Connected With Your Friends At Home

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The longer this lockdown extends, the more thankful we're to technology. From watching shows online to learning a new course - we couldn't be more thankful for the existence of the internet. And not to forget, we get to see the faces of our loved ones sitting miles apart almost every day and anytime. 

While we're using Whatsapp Video Call, FaceTime or Skype - we've listed a bunch of fun apps to stay connected with your folks.

Marco Polo

Probably the safest app out there, Marco Polo lets you send video messages to your loved ones which they can open during their free time. There is no limit on the video length and you can’t send a video unless you have their phone number, so don’t worry about random videos popping in your inbox. If you don’t have time to video chat when your friend does, drop in a video when you can and watch what they’re up to during your free time!

Available on iOS and Android

Netflix Party

Yes! Watch a movie with your gals (and pals) with this fun service called Netflix party, where you can host your very own movie night by connecting your friends to the same movie. Install their chrome extension and start the movie you want to watch, then click on “NP” and you’ll get a URL. Share the URL to all your friends and they can join the party. Get your popcorn and chat with them as the movie goes along. Get the extension here.

 P.S.: We recommend you watch Taj Mahal 1989, the series. It is super cute and nostalgic and will bring in all the feels.

Available only for Chrome Browsers on desktop or laptop computers. 


This app has been floating around for a while now, and you must join if you haven’t already. It allows you to video call up to 8 people at once and has several options for you to play games simultaneously. You can add your friends through your contact list, via Facebook or send them a link to add you. Spend some quality time while doing the dishes or making dinner with your friends by your side with Houseparty. 

 P.S.: It also notifies when your friend is looking for someone to chat, so you can always hit ‘em up and spend your time together.

P.P.S.: There have been rumours of the app hacking into users phones, and Houseparty has made a bold claim of giving $1 Million to anyone who can prove it!

Available on iOS and Android.


Short messages to your pals just a lot more meaningful with HeyTell. It allows you to send cute personal voice messages to your friends (almost like your childhood walkie talkie!). Leave a personal note for your friends before sleeping or while you’re missing them but in your own voice this time with HeyTell.

Available on iOS and Android

Quarantine Chat

Now this is an interesting one. Quarantine chat matches you with any random person from the world on a toll-free call. While talking to friends and family is always an option, the feeling of meeting new people has been lost in isolation. Make new friends, get to know people and learn interesting stories of people across the world.

 Sign up for this service here.


Are you a gamer? Discord is the perfect app for you to connect with your gamer friends, chat with a bunch of people and host video calls for up to 10 people. You can also team up with your friends via Discord and play together. You can open it in your browser or download the app here.

Available on iOS, MacOS, Windows PC, Android, Linux and web browsers.

Special Mention

You can also connect with your friends via Zoom, WhatsApp Video calls, Google Duo, Squad App, Cisco Webex, Rave, Quarantine Together and Bunch. Don’t forget to call and stay connected! :)