Since 1955: Have You Been To The Oldest Pen Store In Mumbai Yet?

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When we visited Fort and looked around for a stationery store, little did we expect to find one on such a grand scale, let alone it being the oldest in the city. Dealing in antique and luxury pens, Apsara Pen Mart is a haven for those of us who still believe that fountain pens are the only pens that can alter one’s writing, so much so that you certainly get inspired to continue the trend, just to see the nib flowing smoothly over paper.

What Makes It Awesome

Launched in 1955, Apsara Pen Mart began as a small stall on the road in Fort. The owner, Mr. Ashraf Kapadia, told us how different things were back then; about how he would look at the trams (Bombay trams would ply till the 1960s) ferrying people across town, amidst the hustle and bustle of the growing metropolis.

He had started off by selling smaller brands back then, cheap pens that would get them by, eventually moving on to luxury pens and watches, and even perfumes. What brought about the change was the fact that a lot of important people (judges, lawyers, businessmen) would visit his humble shop and knew of all the big brands – Waterman, Parker, Sheaffer and even Mont Blanc.

We spoke to his grandson who, apart from telling me that I needed to buy myself a new pen, specifically a fountain variety, and give up my dull ballpoint, showed us their most prized collection, a wooden case full of the most delightful, rare pens that they have collected over the years. In absolute fascination, I asked if I could hold the 1970s Mont Blanc, and he took it out of the case and placed it in my hands, gently. I was holding a piece of Bombay’s history, a part that is now long forgotten, only to be hauled out on such occasions.

One of our favourite things is that they not only sell such pens but also engrave them for you. They have another little store down the lane that just specialises in engravings. So, if you want to surprise someone with a literary bent of mind, you can get their favourite quote engraved, or even write them a special message. Apart from this, they also repair old pens and watches, and buy your old pens. So, if you’re planning to ask your folks and all the elders for their old collection of pens, now is the time to do it.

Their collection is wide and varied, from Parkers {Model number 51, 75, 21, 25 and more}, Sheaffers {they have a brand called No Nonsense that looks great}, Sterling Silver Waterman pens, Cross pens, Lacquered black and gold pens, even Mont Blancs {a huge variety}, to even a limited edition R2D2 Sheaffer pen that caught my eye {INR 2,500 everyone}.


They were pretty vocal about cheap Chinese brands that have filtered into the market, and how people just don’t understand the value of a good pen. I’ve kept that in mind and have already planned a few birthday gifts for those who will cherish something this unique and old-fashioned. If you feel the same way, a visit to Apsara Pen Mart is sure to entice you into buying a treasured trusted partner in writing.

On The Pocket: Their range starts from INR 200.


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