Don't Panic, It's Organic: Check Out The Artisanal Coffee From Flying Squirrel

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What Makes It Awesome

Bengaluru-based Flying Squirrel Coffee has an exquisite range of artisanal coffee and we decided to check it out.

Their website is well-stocked with information on each type of coffee blend they sell. From mouth feel to what to pair it with, it’s almost like coffee literature (it’s a thing). Choose from Aromatique (single estate Arabica) at INR 400, Cafe Chic (filter kaapi) at INR 340, Clouds In My Coffee (artisan monsooned Arabica) at INR 650, and Parama (caramel and chocolate) at INR 370. The packets weigh 250gm and make our pocket lighter but we don’t mind that. After all, coffee keeps us going when life hits us in the face.

Apart from coffee blends, they also have coffee-brewing equipment (coffee is serious business) such as filters (INR 400), three-glass Chemex (INR 3,600), Moka Pot Coffee Maker (INR 860)

If you’re at a stage in your life where instant coffee just won’t do (never did, never will) – try Flying Squirrel. They’ll help you discover the other side and it smells delicious there!


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai