Make Every Day Art: We Found Handmade Wooden Lamps That Naturally Filter Light

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What Makes It Awesome

Artmosphere. The moment I spotted the name while on my usual Instagram scroll, I was hooked. It was the interesting designs that immediately caught my eye, so much so that I really wanted to know more. One phone call later, I am seriously adding these beautiful pieces to my home. Here's why.

Artmosphere is a design-forward brand, one that's about creating unique pieces that add an artistic flair to your everyday life. Avijeet's philosophy is about 'Design For Everyday' and an 'Artmosphere' in your home. What drew my eye was their line of unique wooden lighting options. Crafted from sustainably sourced imported Southern Yellow Pine, each of their beautiful lamps are handcrafted by artisans to bring out the unique character of the wood. As the light filters through the wood, it reveals its natural grain and knots and creates a stunning effect and play of light in the room and they don't use any artificial colours, so all that ambient light? It's completely through the handcrafting process - nothing fake. And get this, as the wood ages, it changes and matures over time and only gets more beautiful. Pretty awesome, I think. Forget IG filters, you'll have a natural one right in your living room. Each design has a unique characteristic and design plus I'm a fan of the quirky names, too: Mr. Buttons, Mondrian Lamp, Frida Lamp, Bansky Lamp are just a few of their bestsellers.

Wood is the main material Artmosphere works with and it's not just lamps either. They also custom design furniture for homes and commercial spaces. And if you've got a really boring wall, they'll be happy to create 3D wall murals for your space to infuse it with some art in your daily life. 

Wondering how much you'd need to shell out to add these beauties to your home? For the lamps, expect to shell out from INR 2,400 to INR 6,200 while their other products start at INR 600 upwards. 

What Could Be Better

They currently have a limited selection available online. You can get in touch with them to know more about the products that are featured. As everything is handcrafted, stock can be limited.


If you have an idea for a custom design, reach out to the studio and they'll help you out with your design needs.