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I ordered food from Gymkhana 91 Bar & Kitchen after reading their Hygiene and safety measure they take while preparing food and Food was delivery seamlessly without any spillover. Thank You for taking care of us by maintaining high Std. Hygiene and Safety measures.

I ordered below –

•Korean style Silken tofu –

Soft tofu perfectly marinated and tossed in Korean sauce and prepared to perfection. By looks of it, I thought it would be same as paneer chilli or paneer schzwn. But I was completely wrong it is different as soon as I ate the first piece of tofu, it was so soft and the flavours were so vibrant and yet distinctive, I simply loved the dish.

•Crispy Asparagus Sushi –

Sushi is my Love, I always love sushi and it's my go-to food. But was very sceptical of ordering Veg sushi as I have only tried once and I absolutely did not loved it. The preparation was so good that I fell in love with these Veg ones and just can’t imagine how good their Non-veg can be. Can’t wait to order again.

•Nasi Goreng Indonesian Fried rice with vegetables –

Dish ordered of shire many recommendations, many friends of mine had asked to me taste Nasi Goreng because they loved it. It was so hyped within my friend circle that it was in my bucket list. So I ordered the same and cam to know why it is so loved dish among my circle. I really don’t have any words to describe the dish, I can just say now benchmark has been set and I will compare every time I have with this one. The dish is well prepared in Indonesian style, it has its sweetness, its right amount of spiciness all are brought together and a perfect combination appeared.

•Crystal Veg dim sums –

Who doesn’t love dim sums, and when they are soft tender and crystal clear with a perfect thin layer of clear coat over vegetables. They were just made to perfection, which every dim sum lover will love.

Quality – Good

Quantity- Enough for 2

Recommended – Hell Yeah!!!

Its tough to select one dish from above, so this time I won’t be selecting any, order whatever you want and rest be assured that it will be awesome.


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