Molecular Gastronomy With Luxurious Dining Serving Best Of Asian Cuisine

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What Makes It Awesome?

Pa Pa Ya is the best place to try Sushi for the first time. And I will tell you two main reasons why?
1. You will find a wide variety of Sushi here starting from Veg Sushi, Crab Stick Sushi all the way to Tuna Sushi & Sashimi.
2. They provide a brief & pleasant description of each Sushi and how it is made, which will definitely help if you are having Sushi for the first time.

Location: Not too far from Kurla Station, Pa Pa Ya is located at a happening place in BKC.

Ambience: If not it's surroundings, the restro itself won't fail to impress you. Especially, the seating area which is modern and comfortable.

Service: Spectacular! For the reason that they describe the making of the dish, the ingredients used and what actually goes into the plate. They also serve a beautiful palate cleanser made up of watermelon at the beginning.

Mr. Siddharth was heck of an Asian food guide for us. He did explain how each and every dish they serve is designed as per the molecular gastronomy of pa pa ya theme.

Food: The effort that goes into every plate was visible. Food was not just delicious, but professionally plated as well. The ingredients used for preparing the dishes blew my mind. (Japanese rice & fruits like tangarine used for making in-house Shrubs)

▪️ Cocktails
The lady killer: A vodka and peach cocktail served with a rose on top, it was a nice drink to start with.

Love potion: Because I am a vodka lover, I tried one more drink with vodka, but this time with litchis and berries. They also add egg white to the base which asks you to consume the drink at earliest to enjoy the flavours.

▪️Sushi Tree
We ordered an amazing Sushi Tree which had the following Sushi on it:

Carbon Sushi Roll: The maki roll made with Crab sticks and rice was the first Sushi I tried. It was crunchy on the outside and delicious and tender on the inside.

Hamachi Nigiri: Yellow Tail Fish served on top of rice, dipped in Soya sauce mixed with Wasabi, was my second favorite Sushi. The fish was really soft, it blended with the rice on the first bite.

Crispy Veg Roll(Must try): No wonder Pa Pa Ya is famous for it's veg sushi. Crunchy and fulfilling. Favorite!


Penang Style Grilled Snapper: Marinated with Malaysian spices, wrapped in banana leaves and grilled to perfection, the Red Snapper was one of the best dishes of the night.

Pla Samrot Prawns: Giant prawns beautifully placed on a green peas sauce and served with a dehydrated pineapple, this dish was pleasantly different and delicious.


Chocolate Ball on Fire(Must try): A big ball of chocolate was lit on fire by pouring hot chocolate. Inside were 3-4 icecream scoops and chocolate and nuts. It was a sweet ending to our dinner.

Aerated Chocolate Macha: If you like Jack Daniels, definitely go for this one. The crumbled chocolate served on the side bitterness of the dessert.

Final Verdict: Now that I am looking back the dinner we had at Pa Pa Ya, everything from the ingredients that go into the food to the overall experience, is unique. I can surely say you will have an altogether different experience there.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae

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