It’s Gin-tastic: This SoBo Resto-Ba Serves Amazing Gin-Cocktails And Charcoal Dishes

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What Makes It Awesome

If you’ve always loved gin-based cocktails or are kind of a person who always opts for classic G&T, well then for you guys fun is about it be-gin! Replacing the popular nightclub, Bombay Bronx, Auber Gin is known for amazing gin concoctions, charcoal-infused dishes and vegan delicacies too.

Funky wallpapers, floral seating, classic chandeliers and a pretty eye-catchy bar, we were Auber Gin’s jazzy ambiance is sure to set a correct mood for a fun night. We kickstarted our evening with their signature cocktails and some small bites. We sipped on their signature cocktail Monkey Gland, a gin-based cocktail shook up with hints of orange and pomegranate. Next, we tried another of their classic called AuberGin old-fashioned. We’d say you can also give Scarlet Sling, Strawberry Sunrise, Passion Rosemary Collins too a shot! As we sip our cocktails, we were presented with some interesting appetizers including charcoal nachos and a mock tandoori burger. Nachos came with black chips, topped with cheese sauce and veggies. And the mock meat, which is kinda heavy comes with our favourite comfort food – French fries.

Next, we directly jumped into the main course and opted for something lighter (thanks to the appetizers). So, we went for a thin crust pizza and a hearty vegan Avocado bowl. The thin crust pizza surprisingly light-weight and had a slight crisp. The Avocado bowl was a wholesome platter with rice, sautéed veggies and creamy avocado sauce. If you’re looking a healthy (and a vegan) option, this one’s a safe bet.

Of course, we had to end this lovely evening with something sweet. We gave their Irish chocolate mousse a try. TBH, it the perfect balance of sweetness with hints of bitterness from roasted coffee.

Nestled in the prime location of South Mumbai – Breach Candy – we’d suggest heading to this fine-dine on a weekend for some great cocktails, food and a good choice of music.

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