Authentic Italian Cuisine Straight From The Streets Of Venice

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What Makes It Awesome?

Not all restaurants serve authentic Italian cuisine. The ones who do are not able to justify it. But, Mia Cucina which means 'My Kitchen' is different. In order to maintain the authenticity and class of Italian food, they conceded the menu. Each dish has a proper Italian name with English description which makes you understand some Italian words too.

Location: No doubt a place like this needs a location where people come for Italian cuisine and not just for pizza and pasta. Pali Hill in Bandra is that perfect location. Beside the Bandra location, they also have an outlet at Powai which also attracts a major chunk of the crowd.

Ambience: Mia Cucina has a pure bistro type ambience. A decent wooden interior with some flashy artworks and paintings hung on walls. The bar is small and again has a wooden feel to give you that vintage feel.

Service: The Majority of staff out here is super prompt. Also, Rishank tried his best to make us understand all the preparations and how the name is derived. No doubt he helped us select the best dishes for the day.

Food: Mi Cucina has a very different menu. You will have to read the description properly before ordering as the names are written in Italian. Also, the dishes give the feel of being delivered right from the streets of Venice. Here are a few dishes we tried:

Pizzetta: This is a mini version of fried pizza. The base was crisp and topped with chopped tomatoes. The top layer of mozzarella made it delicious and tempting. Not a fan of tomatoes but they actually went perfect with this dish.

Torte di pollo(Must try): a.k.a Cake Of Chicken. Soft and perfectly fried chicken cakes served with lime chilli mayo. The cakes were having a thin and crispy topping filled with mashed chicken on the inside. They were a delicate and Italian version of chicken cutlet.

Tomato Basil Bruschetta: Bruschetta is again a very popular Italian dishes which is very simple to make and serve. But again the quality of bread also matters. So Mia Cucina has it in house bakery for this. No doubt the topping of basil left and chopped tomatoes with mozzarella made it a perfect Bruschetta.

Ziti Pesto: Ziti is one kind of pasta which is almost close to penne but the tubes are thinner. Ziti pasta was cooked within pesto sauce and topped with crushed cheese. Again the taste was authentic unlike many Indian restaurant try to spice up the flavours for pesto.

Parmigiana di Pollo: This is the best seller mains at Mia Cucina. It is one of the best-baked pasta they serve. The major reason is crusted chicken pieces which are pan-fried which are then baked with spaghetti mixed with mozzarella cheese. No doubt we all know how amazing liquid mozzarella will taste with pan tossed chicken and spaghetti. The top actually developed a crunch because of baking.

White Cheese Cake: It was a buttery biscuit base and topped with vanilla and cream cheese. No doubt once a bite enters your mouth you will be lost in the feels of cheesecake.

Overall: One of the best experiences I ever had. But I will only recommend you to visit this place if you have good taste of Italian cuisine as they do not serve any hybrid version of Italian dishes.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae

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