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What Makes It Awesome?

Origami Japanese is a place that's been on my list for a long time. And must say what a place. So authentic so perfect and such a beautiful set of dishes on their menu everything is just on point perfect here.

The place was known for its authentic Japanese and Korean cuisine and they do follow their tag line saying "Keep it simple keep it authentic " so impressed by its authenticity. The roots of the dishes are very strong right from its ingredients the taste and its presentation. Must say the chef's choice of menu is fabulous.

The staff here is courteous and pleasant makes you feel like home and if it's your first time with Japanese food they will guide you the best suiting your taste buds.

The decor is very simple and has the typical vibes of a local Japanese restaurant look which just adds on to the authenticity of the place. They have an open area sitting outside right at the beginning of the restaurant with beautiful Chinese lantern making it a rooftop experience.

The must-try dishes would be:

1. Veg Tempura roll - Veg Maki roll with tempura filling of asparagus with cream cheese makes its to be very classic sushi that has crispy tempura crumbs making the sushi nice and crispy.
2. Salmon Nigiri Sushi- It's a traditional kind of sushi which has its classic presentation of the salmon cut piece placed on top of the rice making it be fully covered and presentation at its best.
3. Chicken Kkanpunggi - Crispy Chicken with honey chilli garlic on top making it have a crunchy coating outside and soft and juicy chicken outside. Loved the dish.
4. Lemon ice tea-The classic ice tea is the best cooler for one to have during the meal.
5. Lemongrass cooler- It has its detoxifying flavours that help in you having a soothing meal.
6. Ojingeo Deopbap- A traditional Korean dish made from squid. The dish is served with sticky rice and a chilli gravy based squid and veggies curry so typically Korean the spices hit you so well you are going to love it.
7. Mochi Ice cream- It's that one dish you shouldn't miss at all !! Mochi means chewy texture on the outside. Two flavoured ice cream that is the raspberry and the mango ice cream with the soft and marshmallow textured coating which is probably the star of the dessert. The dessert is so soothing you are going to love it.
8. Matcha Cheesecake - Matcha based cheesecake with a sponge layer with chocolate sauce and a mildly sweet base to the cheesecake.
Fatima, Dorisha, Krishna have been such an amazing staff here at Origami and been such a family to suggest you the best.

Thank you for making my meal an amazing meal. Loved the food and the vibe.

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