Authentic Way Of Dining Maharashtrian And Punjabi Cuisines!

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What Makes It Awesome?

D'two states is a culinary combination of authentic Maharashtrian and Punjabi dishes. The owners each depicting their culture through their common love for food. This place, unlike other places, has been planned really well in terms of the decor set up and ambience. The entire place is divided into two sections of sitting, one side depicting the nav vari saree and warli painting (Maharashtrian culture) and another side of the wall having a turban and certain drawings depicting the Punjabi culture.

You see a huge door with certain work of art on it and are welcomed by staff wearing traditional attire of Maharashtrian origins. 
The concept itself is well planned so naturally, expectations are quite high when it comes to food. We were here specifically for the kebab festival which had some new addition to the already set menu.

Paan mojito:- The essence of paan is ideal to end your meal but you can certainly make an exception here going for this. The taste was bang on and the best part being no dilution by putting ice cubes, as it is in many places. Its either a hit or miss when it comes to something as authentic as paan flavour and it certainly was a hit.

Guava chilli:- Another classical drink with spice in its mix and one of my favourite there is. This one was a bit subpart to expectation. The freshness of guava was intriguing but the amount of salt coating was more than required.

As for the appetizers there was a common ingredient served with all the dishes i.e the green chutney and salad which is universally acceptable flavour wise.

Paneer ke sule:- There is no one way to make it. Charcoal grill has to be perfect and there needs to be some smokey flavour to it. The paneer was at par with the expectation as in you can't go wrong with the authentic way of doing it. Highly recommended.

Mircheez cheese kebab:- A visual treat but a turn off due to the cashew paste overpowering the essence of Mirchi. Some spice up is a requirement for this dish.

Bhindi kurkure :- The real kurkure which will make you forget the other one. Deeply fried bhindi with a crunchy flavour and amazing texture and a well-done dish. Recommended! 

Ghavane with Bharli vangi:- An authentic dish to the core and not many places actually serve this kind of preparation. For a south Indian I am super excited. The Nagpur-Kolhapur style ghavane ( A rice base dosa type preparation, though categorized as bread) with some amazing bharli vangi which can be prepared dry or with extra gravy
was served. Recommended

Gajar ka halwa:- Homemade was the first word that popped up in my mind on having the first bite of the halwa. The sweetness was up to the mark, not a cube more or less. The ghee was quite evident visually and taste-wise. VFM would be a bit of an issue considering the cost. But they say you simply can't skip the dessert part.

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