Get Award-winning Single Origin Coffee From INR 200 From Chikmagalur

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What Makes It Awesome

Ok. I have a confession to make. I am quite particular about the coffee I drink (I hesitate to use the word 'snob' but well...). In recent years I have entirely stopped drinking instant coffee as it lacks the freshness and flavour of its ground counterpart. But here's the thing, artisanal coffee can be expensive and you can easily shell out over INR 500 for a single pack of coffee. Steep.

So I was pretty pleased to find a brand that not only has a serious legacy in the coffee business but is also decently priced. Baarbara Coffee is a single-origin coffee from the 120-year-old MG Plantations that grows AA grade Arabica beans in Chickmagalur, in shaded foothills. 

Currently, you can find three variants on Shop LBB. If you prefer blended coffee rather than pure Arabica, opt for the Premium Blended Coffee with a smooth, medium finish. For serious coffee drinkers, there's the Giri’s Legacy Pure Filter Coffee, a medium roast with a smooth finish. This one is pure Arabica with no chickory. Then if you have your own coffee grinder, you can get the freshest brews by grinding their whole Arabica beans yourself. 

The blended coffee is priced at INR 200 for 250 gms while the pure Arabica (whole and ground) are priced at INR 300 for 250 gms. 

What Could Be Better

Currently, they have only 3 options available. If you're into flavoured coffees, avoid this one, it's great for coffee purists. 


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