Budding Jazz Musicians In Mumbai You Should Plan Your Gig Calendar Around

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One of the difficult forms to master and and easy one to enjoy, Jazz music is loved but the gigs are few. With the passing of Jazz legend Carlton Kitto last year, the setting dimmed a bit, but new talent has been spearheading the scene. We track down a few artists you should follow, instrument by instrument.



Drums are like the steady rhythmic backbone of a jazz band and can make everything a lot easier, provided the drummer is kick ass. The jazz scene in the city does, fortunately. There’s Andrew Kanga, Dhir Mody and Aron Nyiro who you can find drumming it out at Anti-Social and Cuckoo Club among others.

Follow Andrew Kanga here, Dhir Mody here and Aron Nyiro here.


Sax is the instrument most used to explain jazz {thanks to the countless logos made for jazz using it} and is the most recognised instrument, when related to the genre. The city houses Ryan Sadri, Rhyz Sebastian Dsouza and Shirish Malhotra for you to watch out for.

Follow Ryan Sadri here, Rhyz Sebastian DSouza here and Shirish Malhotra here .


Bass is a very powerful instrument. A good bassist can often rescue a mediocre group, while a bad bassist can easily destroy a great group. You can look out for gigs that have Abhinav Khokar and Gianluca Liberatore {True School of Music faculty}. You can catch them at The Little Door and St. Regis.

Follow Abhinav Khokar here and Gianluca Liberatore here.


According to The Guardian, jazz remains a predominantly instrumental music, despite the fact that when it makes its rare incursions into the world of chart hits or mainstream acclaim, it’s usually because a singer has taken it there. We love Isheeta Chakrvarty, Sarosh Nanavati and Lydia Hendrikje Hornung {TSM Faculty}.Follow Isheeta Chakrvarty here, Sarosh Nanavati here and Lydia Hendrikje Hornung here.


Played in both solo and ensemble settings, the piano’s role is multifaceted due largely to the instrument’s combined melodic and harmonic capabilities.Some of the names that are creating waves are Karan Joseph {aka madfingers}, Anurag Naidu and Rahul Wadhwani {he played with Rajiv Raja Combine}. You can catch them at Sheesha, Cuckoo club, The Little Door and St. Regis.

Follow Karan Joseph here, Anurag Naidu here and Rahul Wadhwani here.


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