Pork Vindaloo to Mutton Khuddi: Did You Know The Bagel Shop Serves East Indian Grub?

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The Bagel Shop is a cute little cafe hidden away in the bylanes of Pali Hill in Bandra, and though the bagels are the selling point, did you know they also serve the East Indian cuisine? We went there and checked it out.

Pork Soprotel, Patio And Lots Of Sunshine

Known for its bagels, cream cheese and a green patio that Bandra folks {new and old} flock to, Bagel Shop in fact has a not-so-secret East Indian cuisine from the pork vindaloo to mutton khuddi on their one page brown ‘Queimada’ menu. The menu proclaims to celebrate the diverse community of Bandra and as ode to the East Indian community this special menu has been created.

Chow Down

Though this men was launched last year in June, it still remains a hidden secret with the bagels overpowering the more traditional fare like chicken lonvas.

Chef and co-owner, Lester Pereira who has also been born and brought up in Bandra created the menu as an ode to the community he has lived with all his life. With the traditional cooking techniques specific to the East Indians like the bottles masala or Chitiap {made out of rice flour, coconut milk with a hint of sugar and then cooked in a pan}. Then there is the East Indian bread fugias {INR 50} which is basically deep fried dumplings made from sour dough.

Choose from pickled chicken {INR 350}, roast beef {INR 350}, mutton khuddi {INR 400}, pork sorpotel {INR 350}, or pan seared fish fillet {INR 400}. Our picks would be the pork sorpotel which is basically chopped pork chunks cooked in the bottled masala on a slow fire. Dripping in too much oil and served with pao, though we enjoyed its spiciness and taste, they were a little too generous with the oil.

So, We're Saying...

The Bagel Shop with its East Indian cuisine fare is the diversity Bandra embraces in and all.


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