Bags For Only INR 250 And More At This Tiny Tunnel Shop In Bandra

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While we were busy conquering the streets of Bandra to shop for Christmas goodies, we were intrigued by a shop we came across on Hill Road (which we have invariably missed all this while); the entrance of which was decked up in bags of all kinds and colors that appealed to us.

What Makes It Awesome

As we entered 'Hi Choice Bag Centre', we were greeted by bags from the left, the right, top and bottom; everywhere! We found everything from wallets ands slings to daily wear and formal bags of all shapes and colors. You name it, and they have it. Once you enter, the shop will seem like a tunnel full of bags that keeps on going until infinity (but of course all good things come to an end). A very unique characteristic we noticed about the store was how the bags are arranged in the order of their price range from the beginning to the end of the shop. The first two rows are occupied by bags that cost INR 250, and the subsequent two rows for INR 300 and they go further till INR 500. By the time we finished checking them all out, we were so spoilt for choice and decided that we'd need another visit to finally settle down on one choice and buy it. However, we felt that the bags are very reasonably priced (and so we can buy two)!


The shopkeeper came across as slightly impolite and disinterested, however his collection of bags made up for it all!

How Much Did It Cost

₹250 - ₹500