These Baking Kits Have Every Ingredient Needed For An Epic Dessert

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Tired of traipsing all over town looking for a bottle of vanilla essence? Be a domestic godess in no time with these easy-to-handle and follow baking kits by Let’s Chef.

The Winner Bakes It All

Let’s Chef neatly and sweetly packs up all the ingredients needed for a recipe and in exactly the right quantity too. Yes, that even includes something as tiny but needed as two teaspoons of vanilla essence. The recipe and instructions for a kit are provided as well.

As of now, they offer baking kits to make frosted apple blondies {these are white chocolate versions of brownies}, marbled chocolate banana bread, french apple cake and red grape cake.

These lovely baking kits are just the right thing we need when the fuss of coming up with the perfect recipe, buying fancy ingredients and measuring them isn’t our cup of tea {which is we might say, often}. It’s also usually a waste to buy all the many ingredients one needs for baking, only to not use them again the next few months.

So, We’re Saying…

The next time when someone compliments you on that chocolate banana bread, you can lightly toss your head and say, ‘That? Oh, it was nothing.’ It’ll be worth it, we think.


If you order before 4pm, they will send you the kit on the very same evening. Any later, and it will be delivered the following day.

Price: Starts at INR 200 for a kit

Buy the kits here.


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