Blast From The Past: Buy 25 Shades Of Gorgeous Bandhani Cloth From Here

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We found, in the narrow lanes of Bhuleshwar, a small shop which sells beautiful bandhani cloth and will make all your cloth fantasies come true.

What Makes It Awesome

Shah Valamji Hansraj houses over 25 types of gorgeous bandhani cotton cloth, that fabric-fanatics would go crazy over. These are sourced from Kutch in Gujarat by cloth merchant Ketan Shah.

You may remember bandhani as the staple cloth that wove all your Indian outfits as a child, and we say, it’s time for it to make a comeback. For the uninitiated, bandhani is a type of cotton cloth made by an Indian tie and dye method of tying up tiny knots throughout the cloth and dipping it into dyes. These, when opened up, give the pinched-white look to the fabric throughout.

Over here, the fabrics and colour combinations of bandhani that we found, were beautiful, and you can use it to make a crop top, or maybe even a skirt out of it. These are also used to make suits and saris, and maybe even as an upholstery for the couch you’ve been meaning to give a makeover since so long. This cloth is sold per metre, and starts at INR 100 a metre {it all depends on the intricacy of the work you select, really}. To get a top made, you would need about 2.5 metres of cloth.


This area has a bunch of tailors too, if you want to get the job done at the same time.