The Bandra Base Is For Music-Lovers Who Are Tired Of Loud, Chaotic Gigs

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Love live music but tired of the crowds who are there for anything but the music? Check out Bandra Base, a culture club which hosts intimate performances for audiences of not more than 60 people.

What's It About

Located off Waterfield Road, Bandra Base is very accessible via auto, though you might have to Google Map it since it is almost totally without landmarks. I reached late to the venue, since I didn’t think that the venue – or the music – would be anything to write home about. I had emptied a few glasses at home with friends, and reached only at 10pm. When I reached, I was surprised – I walked into what felt like someone’s drawing room, with just about enough space for 60-odd people. Most of these people were sitting cross-legged on the floor on mats or cushions, talking in whispers or waiting in silence for the next song to begin. The acoustics in Bandra Base are exceptional as well. Its an intimate setting which lends itself well to singer-songwriters. At the performance I attended, the first piece blew me away, with a solo on the clarinet, supported by the keys, the drums and the bass. However, it didn’t take me long to settle down into my seat, moving forward with every chance I got, my senses heightened by the fantastic music surrounding me. Bandra Base’s USP is its small scale. People know about this place mainly through word-of-mouth, and (mostly) everyone there is all about the music. That’s what sets it apart from other venues like Blue Frog.

Need To Know

Entry is at INR 300, but in my opinion its completely worth it to find a very different side of Mumbai’s music scene. Also make sure you’re there in time {9:15pm} to catch the best seats, that way you can see all the drama unfolding before your eyes, some seats at the back are not favourable to a good view. Lastly, stick around. If you liked the music, go tell the performers. They are warm and always welcoming to new people adding to their select base, who in a way patron their art.

So We're Saying...

The Bandra Base is a must-visit for music-lovers in the city who want to find a quiet moment to enjoy a musician’s craft, as well as find like-minded souls just enjoying a beautiful moment in noisy Bandra. Price: INR 300 for one Timings: 9pm to 11.15pm

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