A great burger doesn’t have to blow a hole in our pockets, especially if we know where to go. We’ve curated a list of some of our favourite burgers in town which are delicious, fresh, juicy, and don’t cross over INR 300. Go forth and hog.

Bacon Cheeseburger, Between Breads

Photo source: Between Breads

Photo source: Between Breads

An old favourite, the bacon cheeseburger is the stuff of legend. Overflowing with love for the carnivores with pork cheeseburger, beef cheeseburger and even a Thai burger on the list – Between Breads reinstates our faith in all things cheesy. Also don’t forget their sinful and perfect bacon fries.

Starts at: INR 199

Cook House Burger, Yorrick’s

Photo source: Yorrick's

Photo source: Yorrick’s

Your quintessential go-to delivery place for hungover mornings, each of the burgers here are distinctly different from each other when it comes to flavour. They are well-balanced and do caramelised onions perfectly {not soggy or burnt}.

Their delivery time and packaging stands out, as does your paunch after eating one loaded burger from Yorrick’s. Their Cook House burger is hailed as a successful marriage between chicken and bacon. Best couple ever. Also try their Peri-Peri fries.

Starts at: INR 170

Jamaican Chicken Burger, Frisbee’s

Photo source: Frisbees

Photo source: Frisbees

This one’s quietly sitting in the bylanes of Chimbai but enjoys a lot of attention from burger-lovers. One can devour their lamb, Jamaican chicken burger or cheese fries {served in a bucket} followed by going into hibernation for a few hours. Their burgers are sinful but hey, we’ll take it.

The place may be hard to locate. The best way is to reach St Andrews Road and ask a friendly passer-by for Chimbai Road.

Starts at: INR 160

Tower Burgers, Food United

Photo source: Food United

Photo source: Food United

Food United comes closest on this list to to doing indulgent American-style burgers. They have munchers which are lighter but can be split between two people. Their tower burgers however, kill it with the portion size courtesy a double patty, and can be easily split four ways. This joint beats 5 Spice {known for their massive portion sizes} at its value for money game.

Price: INR 139 upwards

Beetroot Burger, Eddie’s

Photo source: Eddie's

Photo source: Eddie’s

Although a little on the expensive side [their classic chicken chicken burger costs INR 300}, Eddie’s has burgers to vouch for if you’re into patties. While the though of a beetroot burger can make a lot of people squirm, they nail this veggie burger quite nicely, or so we’ve been told by our herbivore friends.

Starts at: INR 300

Featured photo source: Eddie’s