Enjoy One Of A Kind Fine Dining Experience At Banquet of Hoshena!

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Banquet of Hoshena, a wonderful dining concept from UAE is now in India.

One of a kind dining experience that will leave you speechless with all the wonderful graphics, sounds, effects and gimmicks.

The story willl take you through a journey at your table while you enjoy a 7 course meal specially designed keeping the theme in mind.

Indeed a wonderful experience it is. However, quite expensive. 3500++ per person. The food can be better. I'm sure it will improve with time.

Loved the watermelon feta salad course, the paneer appetizer and the khaosuey roll were good. Dessert was excellent. The beetroot seekh, tofu congee rice needs a little work. The soup was decent.

But definitely worth experiencing once.

Food- 3.75/5

Ambiance- 4.5/5

Service- 5/5

Vfm- 3.75/5

Return Index- 4/5 if the story changes


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