Hit The Bar And Get Those Abs With This Insane Workout In Juhu

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What Is It?

Bar Squad Mumbai specialises in functional training and calisthenics, and is by far one of the most intense, unique and fun workouts we’ve come across.

A Different Kind Of Bar Hopping

Wondering what Bar Squad is? Well, it’s a super cool and very intense workout that involves a lot of functional training and calisthenics moves. You can practice this workout at Skyz Gym Terrace, Lokhandwala, and trainers Rajan and Abhijeet are extremely good and co-operative. These two very dedicated trainers make this workout doubly better than the experience of sweating it out at the gym.

At Bar Squad, when you basically workout with the help of, well, bars, and are trained according to your body type while the trainers ensure that you’re dedicated towards achieving your goals. Ever since we started working out there, we’ve certainly become a lot fitter and stronger in the last six months. For more information, you could check out their Facebook page here and Instagram page here.

So, We're Saying...

To us, this is an incredibly effective and fun workout and we say you give it a shot too.


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