Bayroute Brings Middle East To Powai!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Mumbai has tons of restaurants but a few of them stand iconic. One of these iconic ones, when it comes to Middle Eastern Delicacies, is Bayroute. They have 4 outlets in Mumbai and we visited the Powai Outlet, situated at the banks of Powai Lake.

With luxurious interiors depicting the beauty of the middle east, use of subtle lights, Moroccan tiles and hues of pink and gold, this place oozes beauty and class, making it one of the best in Mumbai. The ambience is rightly set with Turkish music which goes very well with the tone of the place. As we enter, we can the huge bar with its exquisite collection right in front of us. Soft lighting makes it be a little romantic setting as well.

Coming to food :
-Truffle Trida 'N' Cheese: 4/5
Algerian pasta squares smoked in garlic cream and herbs, crumbed, golden fried with a truffle pepper dip. A good start to the meal and we love the dip.
-Mushroom Kubbat: 3.5/5
Iraqi potato chop stuffed with thyme scented quinoa and Mandi mushrooms. Aged balsamic and sultanas relish. The relish has our heart. The Kubbats on a whole was okay but the relish was the game changer.
-Baba Ganoush: 5/5
Smoked Aubergine, flat parsley, red onion, farm tomatoes and EVOO. This has to be our favourite. Baigan ka Bharta goes to the Middle East and returns spectacularly. It was served along with soft and fresh Pita and an assortment of pickled veggies.
-Peynir: 4.5/5
Sumac and sesame Za'atar spiced cottage cheese topped with spicy olives and burrata cheese. A hearty portion of a bread boat with multiple toppings. Kind of like a Middle Eastern pizza. And who doesn't love pizza?
-Baklava: 4.5/5
The goodness and wholesomeness of pistachio and other nuts and rose ice cream, stuffed between layers of phyllo sheets is the OG Turkish delicacy that every person must try at Bayroute. You have not tasted Middle Eastern cuisine without tasting the delectable Baklava.
-Lotus Drama: 4.5/5
A creamy cheesecake base topped with vanilla and lotus ice cream served dramatically with caramel sauce. One of the simple dishes here but the taste leaves you spellbound.

We had a couple of drinks too:
-Desert Storm: 5/5
Whiskey gel with Clove Shrub and shaken with Gulkand and served with flavoured Butterfly Pea Flower foam to create this storm. A dramatic entry out of the smoke and aesthetically pleasing as well. Tasted like a storm too.
-Reyhan: 5/5
Muddled fresh Basil soused with Orange and Blossom water to make this tall drink. This drink lasted our entire meal. The perfect summer Mocktail with freshness packed in every sip.

Bayroute is definitely one of the places in Mumbai that a Mumbaikar has to visit experience a different and not much-explored cuisine. They bring Middle East right to our doorstep in it's true and authentic form and who are we to say no.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Bae, Family, Kids.

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