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Stay Unique With Beautiful And Customised Sarees From No Strings Attached

Jayati posted on 2nd January

Ten-Second Takeaway

No Strings Attached is a Mumbai-based label that handcrafts beautiful sarees, dupattas, accessories and even bags. The most unique bit is that they will customise your saree as well.

Keeping Up The Old Tradition

No Strings Attached was founded by Priya John who aimed to encapsulate the look of traditional yet contemporary fashion. They create their garments using handcrafted cotton, handloom, block prints and hand\-embroidered fabrics, and the label is a reflection of John’s fondness for the Indian textiles.

Every saree, dupatta, bags and other accessories have been created with a unique vibe. Mainly because they like their products to be exclusive and personal for every customer, hence every piece is only created with a limited stock.

What We Love

The amazing collection of the sarees and dupattas. The sarees come in all sorts of fabric using georgette, chanderi, and even a fusion of cotton and chanderi. With intricate useage of ikat prints, floral prints and bead embellishments on the borders, we’re already choosing our picks. The sarees start at INR 3,250 and upwards, with dupattas starting at INR 1,00 and upwards. They also make hand bags, which compliment the ethnic look really well {embellished with beads and embroidery}.

We understand how daunting it can be to look for the perfect saree, either they are too gaudy or they are too expensive. The sarees have a fashionable twist to them, perfect for a young woman looking for traditional wear. They’re light wear, easy to carry and quite honestly, something that fits the ‘get with the time’ bill. We think with No Strings Attached, we have found our favourite go-to label for the gorgeous drapes.

So, We're Saying...

Got a wedding invitation in the mail ? Hold our drinks fellas, we’ll be there in our chanderi saree slaying our ethnic look.


Looking for something more personal? You can get in touch with them and get it customised as well. We’re thinking pizza sarees, what do you think?

To buy the gorgeous sarees, go here.

No Strings Attached

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