Get Your Sleek On: Get Silky Hair With Must-Haves Recommended By Skin Gloss

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If there's anything that staying at home has taught us, it's that taking care of oneself is not the biggest challenge in the book, and a little time spent on self-grooming can go a long way!

Now, haircare is one area that a lot of us would really like to work on, but we're fine just using a shampoo and a conditioner. With a little more effort though, we can totally go the extra mile to get those silky locks we'd love to flaunt. 

I have straight hair and would like to believe that I'm bringing the silkiness back. I got in touch with Instagram influencer Skin Gloss a.k.a. Swati Mehta, for her expert tips on what she does to keep her straight hair silky and smooth (she's got the prettiest hair I've seen in a while!). 

If you're looking for some much-needed inspiration, just like I am, read on. 

With valuable inputs from Skin Gloss, Swati Mehta 

Deep Hydrating Conditioner


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It's an unpopular opinion but over time I've realised how important it is to invest in a good conditioner. Especially a conditioner that suits your hair type (dry, dehydrated, etc.) and suits your hair porosity. Since my hair is fine, I prefer light conditioners, especially with jelly-like textures. 

Look out for: Kerastase nutritive conditioner, Mystic Earth banana conditioner or Arata hair conditioner 

A Scalp Mask (Weekly)

For people with oily-greasy scalp and dry ends, the Earth Collective Mud Mask is a great mask. It's a clay mask so it absorbs all the excess build-up and leaves your hair clean and fresh. I love using it weekly and for somebody who washes their hair every other day (that's how oily it is) this makes me go wash free for at least 2-3 days. It has ingredients great to maintain your length without drying them out.

Look out for: Earth Collective masks

Silk Pillowcase

Any good silk pillowcase is great for the skin and hair, to be honest, especially hair because it keeps your hair smoother and there's less friction while you sleep. In short, it allows hair movement without absorbing the hair's moisture, keeping it frizz-free during the night. It's a slightly longer process and more like a habit to develop to observe any results. 

Look out for: Fab India or Dame Essentials 

A Good Leave-In Serum

Oleum Cottage

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I feel a good hair serum is an extremely important step. Essentially after washing your hair, you don't want to add that dose of a little extra moisture and not make it look like it's dried out. A leave-in serum should be lightweight, help detangle before you dry it out, and if you use heating tools, it acts as a protective barrier if it has heat protection.

Look out for: Oleum Cottage serum, Simrasa Luxury serum, Kerastase Ultime or L'Oréal dream lengths cream 

Detangling Brush

Tangle Teezer

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I never realised the importance of this till I tried one. It's a Holy Grail for me now. I don't think I can do without a detangling brush. What does it do? The name itself - detangles. It doesn't break your hair and glides easily on wet hair too. 

Look out for: Tangle Teezer 

Micro Fiber Towel

Haber Living

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This is another great purchase. After you wash your hair and you want your hair to absorb the moisture - a microfiber towel is my go-to now. It doesn't dry my hair out or break it. It's very gentle on fine hair as well. It removes water out of hair quickly and more thoroughly than cotton. This keeps hair healthy and reduces frizz. 

Look out for: Haber Living 


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