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Cool Self Care Beauty Products We Found That We Will Be Using For Life!

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With so many of us spending time at home, we've maybe had a little more incentive to invest in some self-love. Here are some of the cool trends and products we spotted over the last year that we'll be keeping, thanks!

Ingredient-First Skincare: Hello Bakuchiol


2020 has been about really learning more about what goes into our skincare. And this year, there's been a few winners for sure. We're talking about Vitamin B-rich products, and not just to take as a vitamin in the morning. Ingredients like niacinamide, bakuchiol (nature's retinol), hemp oil, and hey, onion extract have made it big. 

We hear good things about this Daughter's Earth Undereye Serum to soothe those dark circles we're all sporting.

Here are some cool brands that do bakuchoil if you want to give that a go. And find plenty of options for hemp oil products here on LBB.

At-Home Grooming Kits & Products

Flawless Hair Removal Painless Electric Trimmer


Move over parlour aunties, we're totally self-sufficient now! We know it's been tough to maintain those brows on fleek when going to the parlour may not be possible for everyone. No wonder at-home kits have become so popular. We even tried out a few of the gadgets ourselves. You can check out our review here

We also found a few more cool gadgets that you can check out here.

Masks, Masks, Masks

Wild Bananas Smoothening Hair Mask


Yes we know, you might be sick of those face masks by now. We know we are. But this year has also made us splurge on all things face mask, hair mask and every other type of mask because when you're at home, you can easily slap or slather one on and go about your day. We're sure your skin thanks you. 

One of the most fun ones we came across this year was a cool glitter peel-off mask from Beauty Co. Know more about that, and other pampering face masks for all skin types, here - you'll even find a cool peel-off glitter mask from the Beauty Co. here that makes skincare that much more fun! And if you need to find a good hair mask to deal with the winter frizz, check these out too.

This wild banana mask from Flawsome sinks deep into your hair to nourish and tame that pesky winter dryness. Did we mention we are in love with the cute packaging too?

When Makeup And Skincare Became One

Soft Blur Cream Concealer Foundation


Who doesn't love a multitasking product, right? And this year, we've all been super focused on taking care of our skin - all that added stress has done none of us any good. So we've been hunting for makeup products that not do the job of a foundation or concealer but also pamper the skin. We're talking tinted moisturising lip balms and foundation with soothing ingredients. 

We're liking this soft blur cream concealer and foundation as it's enriched with jojoba, coconut and Vit E for glowing skin.

Note: Natural oils like coconut and jojoba don't suit my skin generally. If you have skin that's prone to breakouts you may want to give this a pass.

Pollution-Fighting 101

Anti-Pollution Day Serum


Pollution. Even if you're living the WFH life, it still takes a toll on your hair and skin. And 2020 is the year that the beauty brands decided to give us plenty of solutions to protect our hair and skin from harsh smog, dirt and grime. While there are plenty of products out there, we've heard good things about the Smog Bloc to combat fine lines, wrinkles and more at Organic Riot. Plus Dr. Sheth's is usually a good bet, another Indian brand.