#LBBPicks: A Beginner's Guide To Calling The Reliable, Known Brokers In Mumbai

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Have you only recently moved to Mumbai, or have been around for a while but are looking to switch houses in a completely new area? We understand how daunting that is! From struggling to scroll through numerous Facebook groups, to harassing our friends for numbers, we’ve done it all. To make things just a bit easier, we spoke to the Mumbaikars and got hold of the reliable, iconic brokers that have been around for decades – and mostly, don’t disappoint. Go on, bookmark it {you know you want to}.

Dominc Fernandes {Bandra to Andheri}

Dominic is a veteran in the business. With more than a decade of experience, Bandra is his real estate playground, with the best swings. Though he himself is Bandra based {born and brought up here}, he also shows houses around Andheri, and even as far out as Borivali and South Bombay.

Good For: Caters to all budgets, especially for the people on a lookout for double occupancy in Bandra and Lokhandwala areas.

Budget: INR 15,000 upwards. The commission is as per usual, that is, one month’s rent. He will help out with the rent agreement as well.

Contact: 8097424240

Bhakhtavar Joshi {Colaba To Bandra}

Boss lady aka Bhakhtavar handles everything from Colaba to Bandra. She comes highly recommended from the Bandra loyalists, however, the budget she generally works with tends to be pricey. If you’re looking to shell out INR 25,000 upwards, then she ought to be your go-to broker. From SoBo to Bandra, she covers Mahim, Grant Road, Dadar, Sion, Bandra, Khar and Santacruz as well.

Good For: Studio apartments, PG arrangements for women and men, flats for sharing basis. She understands the no-restriction need for her young customers, and works around it to find such suitable and non-judgmental flatmates. Couples, if you’re struggling to find a flat, hit her up.

Budget: Higher budget, generally INR 25,000 upwards for a decent flat. However, people looking to share rooms, can share their budget and it’ll be worked into.

Contact: 9820296525

Sukhdev {Andheri To Goregaon}

Sukhdev has been in the real estate industry for over five years now, and works out of his Kalina office. He mainly handles Santacruz East and Kalina – so if you’re looking for flats that side, he’s the guy for you. Other areas covered by him include anything from Bandra to Andheri, especially Pali Naka, Bandstand, 4 Bungalows, 7 Bungalows, and Lokhandwala.

Good for: Finding good 1RK {one room-kitche} flats, flats on sharing basis, and office spaces as well.

Budget: Any budget as Santacruz East on a relative note comes cheaper than Bandra. But a standard 1RK would come down to INR 30,000 and upwards, depending on the location and whether the flat is semi-furnished/fully furnished et al.

#LBBTip: Give him a call in advance for Andheri inquiries.

Contact: 9930735609

Abhishek {Sion}

The most highly recommended broker to come out of the underrated residential area of Sion, Abhishek has gotten houses for people who go on to live there for years. He looks after Sion East, and surrounding areas like Chunabhatti and others.

Good for: If you’re looking to move to Sion, Abhishek will in all possibility be your guy.

Budget: He deals in 1BHK and 2BHK, apart from the 1RKs. With INR 25,ooo upwards, one can find a decent two bedroom flat in Sion in a nicely gated society. The commission is a month’s rent.

Contact: 9324797914

Damien {Bandra To Andheri}

One of the popular guys in Bandra yet again, Damien will sort out your flat hunting woes in Bandra, Khar and Santacruz with ease.

Good for: Expats, professionals working in creative fields and people looking for a studio/independent flat. He will also sort out PGs for working women {if they’re on a shoestring budget}, and people looking to rent out 1RKs.

Budget: Damien deals a lot with Pali village area, so if you’re willing to shell out at least INR 45,000 upwards, you can easily land a no-fuss flat in the heart of Bandra.

Contact: 9820822744

Shakil {Bandra To Santacruz}

Shakil runs a popular reputation in Bandra, and one of his clients tells us Shakil showed him close to 50 houses in a day. As bizarre as that sounds, Shakil has been around for ages and is a good in-point if you’re planning to shift in and around Bandra.

Good for: Variety of houses and flexibility in budgets.

Budget: Any budget that you have on your mind for Bandra, from plus areas to questionable areas. He also shows around Khar and Santacruz – if you’re looking to expand just a bit further.

Contact: 9987332789


If you’re looking for more Bandra brokers, another good one to hit up is Yousuf. You can contact him on 9820929908. For Andheri West, especially Versova, call up Raria on +91 98922 32060. All the brokers suggested are based upon recommendations from those who’ve had first-hand experiences with them. We’re sure there are more than just those mentioned above.


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