Every Bengali family sits and chalks out an elaborate menu in which biryani holds a place of pride. With white and yellow long grained rice, succulent pieces of meat, tangy raita and of course, the big chunks of allu. The allu sets the Bengali biryani apart. Once in Mumbai, we hunted down every Pujo pandal for the perfect biryani. Luckily, in these times of eating out, the treasure hunt is much easier.

Bijoli Grill


Photo source: Bijoli Grill

Bijoli Grill specialises in more of the Kolkata street food variety. Their biryani is a perfect ten; pleasing all your senses at once. The rock-shaped allu takes pride of place, making the whole dish what dreams are made of.



Photo source: Hangla’s

Hangla’s is another popular Kolkata street food joint in Mumbai. Expectedly, this place will give you the cheapest Bong biryani in the city. The boiled egg adds a lot of flavour to the rice, and makes up for the sometimes missing potato.

Oh! Calcutta


Photo source: Oh! Calcutta

Oh! Calcutta, as everyone knows gives a twist to the authentic Bengali fare. The Nawabi Mutton Dum Biryani here is a treat you want to save for a special occasion. Pair it up with some Kosha Mangsho. Do not attempt to go to the gym later in the day as it would be an insult the biryani.

Bong Bong


Photo source: Bong Bong

Bong Bong in Pali Naka is a small outlet that functions majorly as a delivery joint, and though it is temporarily closed, head here for the biryani once it’s up and running. Again, the quantity will be good for one, not two. Go here for a home-cooked food feel. While here, try the Nolen Gurer Ice Cream that beats everything else hollow.

Bhojohori Manna


Photo source: Bhojohori Manna

Bhojohori Manna is my ultimate Bong food joint in Mumbai. They get almost everything right, sometimes transporting you right to your family dining table. While this may be one of the best biryanis in town, the quantity is good for one hungry eater. Ask them for extra “kasundi”, for an albeit unorthodox, but brilliant pairing.

Note: Yes, no vegetarian biryanis in the list. As any proud Bengali will tell you, there exists no such thing.

Featured photo source: Bhojohori Manna