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How Many Puchkas & Rasgullas Can You Eat? Find Out At This Bengali Food Festival

    What Is It?

    This weekend, brace yourself for a feast of a lifetime full of steaming luchis, bhaja of all shapes and vegetables, sandesh, phucka and a lot more. Sounds familiarly… Bengali? Well, no kidding. We’re talking about a Bengali festival taking place in Powai over this weekend, and guess what, we’re all invited.

    Who Is It For?

    Everybody. A two-day event organised by the Powai Bengali Welfare Association, this is an open event with no entry charge, simply for the purpose of celebrating the rich Bengali culture and food.

    Why Should I Go?

    There are plenty a reason we can think up to make the trip to Powai for this, if you live a while away. It’ll give you access to SO much food in one place, always a bonus. There are stalls by the popular Hangla’s, egg mutton roll, anyone? Peetuk, too, is putting up a show, as are some local stalls by the PBWA {we hear the Sunday morning breakfast is worth throwing the covers away for}.

    Anything Else?

    Is it truly an authentic Bengali experience if not marked by memories of sweet rasgullas and spicy phuchkas? There will be stalls for the same at the fest, and here’s a fun activity they’ve thrown in: eating competitions. At the venue, there will be phuchka-eating and rasgulla-eating competitions, so only the fastest foodie first {within a stipulated time} shall win honours and prizes. Woot woot!

    There is also a cultural programme running through the festival called Bichitra, in which several Bengali clubs from all over Mumbai, as well as Powai residents will perform {recite, narrate, sing and dance} to Tagore’s songs.

    Where: Norita Ground, Hiranandani, Powai
    When: Sat & Sun, 6–7 May
    Timings: On Sat, 7pm onwards, on Sunday morning onwards
    Price: Free entry
    Contact them here for more details.