Wake N Bake: These Mumbai Bakeries Are Selling Delish Sweet Treats

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The sweet smell of freshly baked breads, caked and cookies takeover the moment you open the doors to a bakery. Check out some of these best bakeries in Mumbai to get your hands on the sweet treats!

Yazdani Bakery, Fort

Yazdani Bakery can be quite easy to miss in the crowded, narrow by-lanes of Fort. After asking around and nearly giving up, the cornflower blue walls with their bright red border suddenly peek out from between the drab brown walls surrounding the establishment. A wooden name-board hangs from the roof, leading you on to a lost world of warm, buttery goodies. Yazdani Bakery has, for more than three generations, been synonymous with chai and brun-maska, every Parsi and Parsi food lover’s evening fix. Once we enter the bakery, we are taken in by the scent of cakes hanging in the air; the bakery, which is housed in the same building, is churning out fresh bread, brun pav, khari biscuits, nankhatai and a delicious apple pie.

Shell Out: INR 50 onward

Bonnie's Bakery, Mulund West

Bonnie’s Bakery has been started off by Bonnie D’silva, a baker by profession in Mulund. With its very chic decor and cakes covered in bell jars with windows seeking an Eiffel Tower view, it’s the kind of bakery you make your own. Grab a delish cookie and a cuppa coffee and there’s your Parisian dream coming to life. Here, they offer all sorts of dreamy baked goodies. From cake pops to outrageously designed cakes and cupcakes and more, it’s a place where all sins must be committed. They take custom orders as well and will conjure up a cake as and how you want it.

Shell Out: INR 250 onward

The Cupcake Factory, Bandra West

The Cupcake Factory in Bandra is the culprit for ruining all our diets with their delish centre-filled cupakes, and like we recently discovered, their cookie cup inventions. They basically create almost a thick-walled chocolate chip cookie glass/ cup, in which they put fillings of chocolate mousse, or even ice-cream. You can choose from vanilla, mocha, Nutella, salted caramel and Dulche De Leche ice-cream flavours.

Shell Out: INR 150 onward

Lee Anne’s Kitchen, Andheri West

It opened up in around December, 2016 and has been churning out delicious treats since then. It has the best of both worlds- sweet and savoury. From lemon squares, warm bread and butter pudding, flourless choco cake and trifles to the other end, there are awesome sandwiches, peri peri veggies, mini samosas and bread rolls. We love that there are homemade chocolate bars here too in unusual fruit and cocoa flavours such as cranberry and dark chocolate, white chocolate and strawberry.

Shell Out: INR 200 onward

Gaylords, Churchgate

Down the Churchgate lane holding the most resilient and iconic of restaurants and dishes, the creamy ice-cream sandwiches by K. Rustom and the inimitable Bombay Masala by Pizza By the Bay, has been standing tall and strong Gaylord. Many of us have neatly categorised Gaylord and its bakery under the label ‘synonyms’ in our minds, and from accompanying parents to get a sweet treat there to tumbling into the quaint shop with a group after college hours, the bakery has been part of our lives.

Shell Out: INR 250 onward

Melting Morsels, Bandra West

The decor here is a mix of ornamental photo frames and sand-papered furniture. Although there’s not much space to sit, you can always pop-by to pick up a bowl of biryani (INR 200). The blueberry cheesecake (INR 150) was light and the strawberry éclair (INR 50) yummy. We ordered their Chicken Mac n Cheese and had to wait 15 minutes. But then, we were told it was going to take some time.

Shell Out: INR 200 onward

Oh Dough, Fort

There’s something rather comforting about the aroma of freshly baked cookies and the scent of fresh coffee brewing in a vintage setting. The drool-worthy cookies are made from scratch by co-owner Ritika Chawla, who is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu. This cute little store offers a distinctive range of cookies such as the classic chocolate chip, along with flavoured ones like pistachio, hazelnut praline and double chocolate orange. They also have a deadly combination of pretzels and potato chips (Who would’ve thought?) called Chipzel, which are basically cookies stuffed with potato chips and chocolate inside, and pretzels on top, perfect for those who’re not looking for something too sweet, yet sweet enough to make them feel good.

Shell Out: INR 250 onward


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