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6 Zany Boutique Hotels To Check Into At Singapore

    There’s a world of five star hotels to choose from in Singapore and while we love our dose of luxury, how can we give a miss to colourful rooms, quirky decor and outdoor bathtubs {don’t worry, curtains are involved!}

    We took a couple of hours out of our busy ‘touristy’ schedule to visit some of these cool hotels, so that we can pre-book a stay for our next visit and save you the trouble of sifting through thousands of reviews to find yourself the perfect hotel.

    Here’s a list of all the places we want to be sleeping at in Singapore.


    Wanderlust screams quirky the minute you walk in. The lobby is filled with barber chairs, a foosball table, magazines and lots of board games. This “play area” merges with the wooden well-stocked bar, giving way to a colourful dining area.

    Now you may be tempted to spend all your time at the reception but do not give in just yet and please do head to the rooms! Available in a bunch of categories {every floor has a theme}, we’re biased towards the Pantone Deluxe rooms. The first floor rooms are in shades of green and blue fading to purple and finally orange and red. Think low beds {often just a big fat mattress}, lots of natural light and a bathtub placed at the entrance (mmmm spunky!).

    For a lot of us, where smell may be a big decision maker when it comes to picking where to stay – in case you are wondering, this one is citrusy.

    #LBBTip: The Treehouse room or the Spaceship room are great picks if you’re travelling with kids.

    Where: 2 Dickson Road

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    New Majestic

    The first thing which draws your attention at New Majestic are the chairs; the lobby is filled with them. And we’re not talking about the usual run-of-the-mill chairs. There are chairs with spikes, chairs with holes {not big enough for you to fall through}, and chairs shaped like amoeba. We weren’t surprised when we learned that the owner’s a collector. We’re secretly hoping he scores the GoT throne soon.

    A winding staircase leads up to the pool and the rooms. We fell in love with the quirkiness some of the rooms presented- traffic lights over the beds, triangular showers and bathtubs in the balconies! There’s a surprise waiting for you in every corner, basically.

    We especially loved the attic suites where you can soak into a bath in front of the TV. So much win.

    Where: 1–37 Bukit Pasoh Road

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    AMOY By Far East

    Amoy Hotel has an unconventional entrance, where you have to almost jump over a mini ledge to get inside. It’s pretty discreet but gives way to a massive space with a large ship taking centre stage.

    When we learned that this hotel used to be a temple in the olden days, the decor and layouts all made immediate sense. There are age-old uneven floors, an old well which has been turned into a small fountain feature, the ceilings are high and we’re not kidding, you can still get a sense of tranquility here. Walk in further and you’ll be greeted by Chinese-inspired decor. We sipped on the welcome drink {a refreshing concoction of grenadine syrup, OJ and club soda} before heading to the rooms, which are snug but pretty nifty. We especially like the faux balcony the double rooms have going on.

    Where: 76 Telok Ayer Street

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    Hotel Vagabond

    A shrub cut and shaped like a dog greeted us outside Hotel Vagabond and once we patted the dog’s leafy head and entered, we were faced by a gigantic golden rhino at the reception and sitting behind was a receptionist with an old school telephone and modern day laptop. The entire hotel seemed to be home to bunch of similar creatures as we spotted a huge golden elephant and a golden ape at the bar.

    The rooms come up with a super high bed with a fluffy mattress- the better to jump on {we’re kidding. No more monkeys jumping on the bed, remember?} There’s a lot going on in the rooms in terms of antique decor items, printed bedsheets, table cloths and art on the walls; so rest assured you’ll be occupied even when you’re just taking rest.

    Where: 39 Syed Alwi Road

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    The Sultan

    The name may evoke images of lavish royalty and this is exactly what you get at The Sultan. There’s pristine white everywhere and the marble-esque pillars and arches really make you feel as if you’ve been transported to the Middle East.

    The entrance to the rooms is marked by an automated door- just swipe your key card and enter the corridor. There’s a little common area which spans both indoor seating as well as an outdoor one, with koi fish where you may want to step in for some quiet you time.

    For a boutique hotel, The Sultan is huge and the variety of rooms is overwhelming. Choose from a standard room, to the Attic Room to the Sultan Loft. Whatever you choose, you’ll notice that every corner of this hotel oozes with luxury. And the menu is a good mix of meaty fare- all halal.

    What’s more? You can ask the hotel peeps to hook you up with a limo so you can sight-see in style.

    Where: 101 Jalan Sultan

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    Hotel 1929

    This one’s great for solo travellers. With a tiny entrance on Keong Saik Road, 1929 is sort of a hidden gem. However, don’t go here expecting space for your six big suitcases. The rooms are modest and we recommend booking a double room even if you’re flying solo {if budget allows}. We stayed here two nights and although the cubicle-esque shower takes some time getting used to, the beds are very very comfy and we love that you can just gaze on to the streets while tucked in.

    Breakfast is a simple affair of eggs, bread and yogurt but it’s the little details like the umbrella on the room door and the sweet jars at the reception which we loved the most.


     Don’t ignore the cell phone lying on the bedside table. Not only does it contain info about everything in the city but also serves as a hot spot which you can take with you when you’re roaming around.

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