Secret No More: This Chembur Home Baker Has The Best Dark Chocolate Brownies In Town

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Want to try the city’s best dark dense chocolate brownies? These delicious desserts from baker Pushpa Benson will change your life {and they’re easy on the pockets too}.

Chow Down

Pushpa Benson is a passionate baker with a soft spot for brownies and bakes about two-three types of brownies along with experimenting with new flavours. The signature one is ‘The Dark Dense Chocolate Brownie’ and boy, how do we begin to describe it. Imagine a dark chocolate brownie that has a perfect, slightly crunchy crust and and an equally perfect, moist and gooey center with small chocolate chips that bring a happy surprise to this party in your mouth. You drooled a little, din’t you? It’s okay, it happens to the best of us.

Not exaggerating, but they genuinely are one of Mumbai city’s best brownies. Pushpa presently doesn’t charge her customers a lot and has humbly kept the pricing at INR 850 for a kilo of brownies i.e. 24 pieces. YES, you read that right, it’s not a typo. It’s a steal {prices, however, may shoot up soon though, but who would mind paying double for these beauties?}.

Anything Else?

They make for the perfect Monday treats, mid-week binges, bringing in the weekend celebration, weekend cheat eats {DUH} and also are the best gifting option. I’ve had friends take these brownies out of the city also as a gift.

She takes bulk orders as well and would be more than happy to cater to house parties, functions, office parties, weddings, etc. {every day should be a celebration when you have brownies like these}. In all this goodness, there must be some catch, right? Just one – these brownies need to be picked up from her home in Chembur. Or from her son who works in Khar West {can be picked up from him on weekdays during office hours}. To get in touch, call Pushpa Benson on +919833510380..

So, We're Saying...

Do we really need to say anything more? We’re obviously in love with these brownies and highly recommend you come and fall in love, too.


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