We Found The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies In Mumbai At This New Cafe

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A new cafe on Pali Road in Bandra West, is serving up the best chocolate chip cookies we’re had in Mumbai. We tell you why we’re marking this cafe as our weekly spot for indulgences.

Chow Down

The new – and very small – dessert cafe was launched just about a week ago, when it caught our eye. It’s a very small joint. The lower level has a dessert rack, the counter, and the seating is in the loft area. Their small but impressive menu includes almond cake, cheesecake, chocolate brownies, a typical Belgian waffle, and a Leige waffle, which is a specific variety of Belgian waffle. Their almond cake is extremely dense and soft with a gooey almond topping. Their cheesecake isn’t on the sweet side, but has a great texture because they’ve used really authentic ingredients. Their chocolate brownie is pretty good as well. Their Leige waffle is an interesting version of the waffles we’re used to – a little heavier but still very sweet. They have a variety of toppings as well, such as cookie and cream, cinnamon and Nutella that you can choose from. Coming to the highlight – their chocolate chip cookies. They might be the best ones we’ve had in Mumbai yet! They’re soft, gooey, and huge. They taste and look homemade, and are perfect for dunking in a glass of milk or a mug of hot coffee. For INR 140, this cookie made our week.

Anything Else?

The vibe here is super cosy and bright, with mellow lighting and baking scents. They have a small bookshelf as well, if you want to curl up with a good book. The owner, who used to be a pastry chef at the Trident hotel, owns all the recipes and plans to always be at the store. Stop by and say hi!


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