Learning How To Cook? 10 Websites To Follow To Become A Pro

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If the lockdown has your creative juices flowing, and cooking is a skill that you wish to master now that you cannot eat out at your favourite restaurant, here is a list of websites that you need to bookmark in order to start your journey towards becoming a MasterChef!

Quick Indian Cooking by Mallika Basu

Hilarious and often satirical, Mallika’s blog is tastefully designed and of great help for amateur cooks. She simplifies her recipes and shows how to cook tasty, healthy Indian food that is also authentic. Her recipes are perfect for those who have a busy life, but wish to learn more about the art of cooking.

MasterChef Mom by Uma Raghuraman

Uma Raghuraman is a passionate chef who shares healthy and super delish recipes on her blog. If you’re looking to eat healthy at home, her YouTube channel will definitely help you out. From dosas and chutney to pav bhajis and parathas, you can learn it all here!

Padhu’s Kitchen

If you’re looking for vegetarian recipes, Padhu’s Kitchen is one of the best cooking websites in India. All the recipes that are shared are first tried and tested by her, and are quick, easy and healthy recipes that you can master at home. She even shares a lot of one pot meal recipes, great for busy professionals and bachelors.

Edible Garden by Nags

Nagalakshmi runs a highly successful cooking blog that has some of the tastiest South Indian recipes on the internet! Her website is great for amateur cooks as well as those who love experimenting in the kitchen. She shares recipes for meals as well as creative snacks, desserts and even continental food.

Cooking with Thas

This blog owned by Thasneen includes Indian cooking as well as recipes from around the world. It shares simple, easy to make recipes that are explained step by step. It’s great for beginners who’re just stepping into the kitchen, and even for those who’re looking to experiment with new recipes and are open to trying different dishes.

Rak’s Kitchen

Rak’s Kitchen is a great blog for vegetarians, and those who wish to learn basic eggless baking recipes. The recipes that are shared come with step-by-step pictures, instructions as well as visual aid. Apart from easy continental and oriental recipes that are all vegetarian, this blog includes North and South Indian recipes too.

Simply Tadka

Simply Tadka is primarily a vegetarian blog, and shares easy, super tasty recipes that can be used by beginners, and even those who’re too busy to spend too much time in the kitchen. The blog shares recipes for both Indian as well as continental foods, and all these recipes are innovative, healthy and super tasty.

Vegan Richa

This blog is dedicated to vegan recipes and whole, organic foods. Apart from these, you can also learn how to cook basic Indian dishes, and even bake bread! From simple meals for daily consumption to recipes fit for a celebratory occasion, this website has it all! If you wish to learn how to bake that vegan pizza, you know where to look!

Divine Taste

Divine Taste is a blog for pure vegetarians. Through this blog Anushruthi educates the need for saatvik cooking that follows the ancient ayurvedic cooking principles. Come here to find tasty recipes that are healthy and wholesome, and made without using any onion, eggs, meat, or garlic.

Chilli & Mint

Chilli & Mint is a blog that shares easy to cook Indian recipes, as well as detailed, step by step recipes for continental cooking too. Owned by Torie, this blog shares recipes that are made using Indian herbs and spices. If you’re looking for healthy, wholesome meals that are soul comforting, you must check out this website.

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