Lick, Slurp, Repeat: Best Kulfi Joints For You To Beat The Summer Heat

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Maybe you’ve grown up in Mumbai, maybe you hail from another city and live in Mumbai, but what unites us all is the desire for some good dessert. And say what you will, nothing beats the Indian popsicle, a cold creamy kulfi on a sweltering day. And since summer's looking at us in the eye already, we're here with a list of homegrown local kulfi spots which we love. Cheggit! 

Parsi Dairy Farm, Kalbadevi

Parsi Dairy Farm has been packing flavours and memories in their food for over a century in Mumbai, and their kulfis are no exception. They offer a variety of flavours including kesar, kesar pista, chocolate, strawberry, sitaphal, and more. They add absolutely no preservatives or emulsifiers and so, have some of the creamiest and freshest kulfi out there.

Shell Out: INR 65 onward

P.S: You can also order it from Zomato, Scootsy or Swiggy. Just saying!

Badshah, Crawford Market

No one passing Crawford Market can overlook the large crowd around Badshah. That’s because they make the best faloodas in town according to popular consensus. But in the middle of all these royal drinks such as the Badshahi Falooda (with melted kulfi in it), don’t forget to ask for a good ol’ cup of kulfi. You'll get fresh strawberry, custard apple, mango, pista and so much more here! 

Shell Out: INR 90 onward

P.S: Keep in mind that they deliver only in the neighboring areas and we'd recommend physically visiting the joint and devouring on the kulfis. 

Kailash Parbat (Multiple Outlets)

When you feel some kulfi craving coming on, just head to any Kailash Parbat near you. Go for their falooda kulfi and malai kulfi, which are really rich in flavour and a satisfying way end to any heavy meal you've had before that. 

Shell Out: INR 100 onward

Himalaya, Sion

Stop your auto, get off the station, and head to this small all-vegetarian joint in Sion. Their bestseller is a malai kulfi rabdi falooda (almost a tongue-twister), a kulfi topped with generous portions of falooda and rabdi. Want more? Ask for a malai medium or even a kulfi in badam pista or kesar pista right away.

Shell Out: INR 100 onward

P.S: In case rabdi is your poison, you can add it as an extra to the dish, or pack it for later. Also, it is located very close to the Shanmukhananda Hall in Sion East.

New Kulfi Centre, Chowpatty

Done with Chowpatty’s chaat and stared poignantly at the sea for a while now? Let’s all let go of the pretense and do what we really came here for-gobble up more kulfi. New Kulfi Centre offers more than 25 flavours and it might get a bit mind-boggling, because of the massive variety. We say, go for the chocolate chip kulfi this time. They also offer sugar-free dry fruit kulfi here, so you could take some back for family too. It’s a really small shop which you might miss, so keep your eyes open.

Shell Out: INR 50 onward

P.S: You may also go to Kapoor Kulfi in Marine Lines for round two. 

Sanjay Ice Cream, Malad

Although out of the way for some, Sanjay Ice Cream is one of the lesser-known but highly enjoyed kulfi spots in the city. Their specialty is seasonal flavours. Made from whatever fruit is in season, their flavours include guava, mango and watermelon. Have it by the slice, like a popsicle or in a take-home tub, as you please. However, they also do the classic kesar pista, malai or even a rabdi falooda kulfi pretty well too.

Shell Out: INR 32 onward

P.S: You can order a box of assorted kulfis at home when there are too many people coming over and there’s too little time.

Baba Falooda, Mahim

Baba Falooda, the all-seeing, all-making and all-knowing falooda entity in Mahim is everyone’s favourite. Again, while the many ice-cream and falooda options may befuddle some, we have our dessert priorities set when we go there. So, falooda or kulfi? It’s a no-brainer, really, as their Baba Special Falooda gives the best of both worlds with a falooda with cut pieces of kulfi floating on top. It also has dry fruits and is one of the best we can recommend. We also like their quick service and neat packaging.

Shell Out: INR 50 onward

Shahi Durbar, Bandra

This one’s for all the calorie-conscious ice-cream addicts in the house. Their delicious flavours will transport you to the streets of Italy, while you stroll down Carter Road. Kulfi sticks or kulfi slice? Take your pick (or pick both!) Malai, Kesar Pista, Anjeer, Chocolate, Paan, the different types of kulfi sticks will spoil you for choices.

Shell Out: INR 80 

P.S: If you’re not a kulfi-on-a-stick kinda person, you can opt for the sliced up version of the same.


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