Get Yourself Some Hot Paranthas And Achaar From These Mumbai Joints

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Let's just admit that some soft yet crispy paranthas with achaar is one of the best combinations ever invented. Hot, fresh off the stove and slathered with butter, we can never stop at just one. Are you a parantha lover like us? Then this list's for you, folks! 

Only Parathas

The name honestly says it all. Walk in to indulge in the world of doughy delights, filled with ghee, warmth and comfort of home-cooked meals. They have a wide range of parathas on offer, but it’s the Muli Gobi Paratha that has our heart. Made in desi ghee, this one’s stuffed with radish, cauliflower and  garlic. 

What To Eat: Muli Gobi Paratha

Shell Out: INR 250 onward

Lashkara By Punjab Sweet House

A store popular for sweets and savoury street snacks, Punjab Sweet House in Pali Naka is a comfort zone for many who love to dive into hot and buttery parathas in the neighbourhood. They have a limited menu for parathas, but all of them are definitely worth a try. Their parathas are served with raita, pickle and chhole. 

What To Eat: We love the Gobi Parathas here. 

Shell Out: 180 INR onwards 

Khasiyat-The Paratha House

This paratha house in Vile Parle has great comfort food that we love to tuck into on our cheat days. Well-stuffed parathas served with chole, black dal, raita, and pickles make for a wholesome meal, and the rates are super affordable too. They even have paratha baskets that are super affordable! 

What To Eat: The soft and crispy Paneer Spring Parathas

Shell Out: INR 250 onward

Paratha Mantra

Paratha Mantra in Fort is a hidden gem, and a must visit if you love parathas as much as we do. They serve fusion parathas that combines pizzas with parathas, making this a pizza paratha hotspot that is unique, and definitely worth a try. While you’re at it, try their pav bhaji paratha too! 

What To Eat: Pizza Parathas (we can eat four in a go, to be honest)

Shell Out: INR 200 onward 

Papa Pancho Da Dhaba

This restaurant with a dhaba type setting is frequented by foodies who love north Indian food, and if you love parathas you absolutely must visit this gem in Bandra. The menu is basic and limited, but don’t be fooled. Their home-style parathas are prepared in desi ghee, and some of the finest you’ll find in the city. 

What To Eat: If you like methi, you'll love their Methi Parathas

Shell Out: INR 180 onward

Lassi Te Parrontthe

For an authentic feel of old Dilli, drop by at Lassi Te Parrontthe in Bandra to indulge in ghee loaded, stuffing filled hot parathas. Served with pickle and curd, their parathas make for a quick meal that’s wholesome and comforting. 

What To Eat: Their chilli cheese paratha and aloo paratha come highly recommended by patrons. 

Shell Out: INR 130 onward

Curry Me Up

Want to enjoy a cozy meal in the comfort of your home? Order in some hot, buttery parathas from Curry Me Up and you’ll be good to go. Their paratha menu is limited. All the parathas are great, but it’s their Mughlai parathas that are to die for!  

What To Eat: Call for some Mughlai Parathas and club them with some butter chicken? 

Shell Out: INR 190 onward 

Mumbai Paratha King

This delivery-only eatery is a great place to order in from when you’re feeling low, and are in the need of a comfort meal. Their parathas are made in desi-ghee, and the corn cheese onion paratha is like a desi pizza which we love to love! And their super stuffed parathas have almost every filling. They're perfect for those times when you want it all! 

What To Eat: The Corn Cheese Onion Parathas are to die for. 

Shell Out: INR 60 INR onward 

Prithvi Café

One of the most popular hangout spots in Mumbai, Prithvi Café is a great place to get your hands on buttery parathas that will instantly remind you of the warmth and comfort of home. Served in traditional copperware, their parathas are served with dal makhani. 

What To Eat: Try their Chilly Cheese paratha, it’s a fusion dish served with loads of cheese and veggies.

Shell Out: INR 130 onward


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