From Mexican To South Indian: Restaurants You Must Eat At In Borivali

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In a city where restaurants spring up almost every other day, it’s difficult to keep tabs of what’s really great in your own area. Here, we focus on Borivali and all the gastronomic wonders it has to offer.

Biryani Barbecue Chinese by Borivali Biryani Centre

If you’re a big fan of all things biryani, you know that this has got to be your destination if you haven’t been here already! A venture by the BBC (Borivali Biryani Centre) of Mumbai, this swanky joint serves you exactly what it’s called and known for – biryani; barbecue and Chinese.

You've Gotta Try: Those freshly fried jalebis, the Prawn Manchow Soup (INR 200) and the Fish Plum Chilli (INR 320)



Zaika Crave – Club Aquaria

Situated near St. Lawrence School inside Club Aquaria, this fine-dining restaurant serves a little bit of everything, from Oriental to Indian Chinese, Continental and South Indian to even finger food. They have veg, non-veg and Jain options on their menu, so there really is something for everyone.

You've Gotta Try: Happy Murgh Tikka (INR 410), the Fish Tikka (INR 490), Pan- Fried Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce (INR 610) and the Zaika Special Sabzi (INR 400)

90 Ft. Above

Walking distance from Borivali station (@townies reading this, take note!) 90 Ft Above is the only rooftop restaurant in Borivali. The view is stunning, and obviously it's the perfect place for date night! Make sure you book the outer area well in advance. It’s a vegetarian-only restaurant with many cuisines in their repertoire - Indian, Chinese, Italian, etc. We love that there's tons of fusion stuff on the menu, too!

You've Gotta Try: Sweet Pea Soup with Sundried Tomatoes (INR 195), the Deconstructed Chowpatty (INR 230) and the Waffle Appams (INR 345) 


Spice Republic

With stylish interiors and a fun vibe, Spice Republic is a hot favourite in Borivali. The menu draws from global cuisines and serves everything from contemporary Indian to Chinese and Italian. Not just that, the list of cold beverages is about a foot long, which means you've got your (year-round) summer thirst-quenchers sorted. This one's all-vegetarian.

You've Gotta Try: The old-school Banta Soda (INR 169), the House Special Chicago pizza (INR 489) and the Paneer Makhani Kulcha with Cheddar Cheese Dip (INR 259)

The Burger Pit

If you're craving burgers, head to the Burger Pit. They've got a long list of options, and we love that typical all-American Diner-esque ambience. Try to score those super comfy booths when you're here! Don't miss the wall which pays homage to the iconic Route 66. Head here for cheat day, because its mandatory to order the Malt Battered Onion Rings (INR 149) when you're here.

You've Gotta Try: Love meat? Get the Loaded Jurassic Burger (INR 399). If you're a vegetarian, there's the Barnyard Crunchy Paneer Burger (INR 299)

Masala Mastee

This place gives off SUCH a Bollywood vibe. Opening up the menu just reinforces it, and we love that every page has movie references and food puns! The ambience is date-friendly and family friendly, so you can head here with bae and/or the fam. The food's presented really well, too!

You've Gotta Try: the Margherita Soup (INR 220), Pani Puri ke Cigar (INR 345) and the range of Nitro icecreams!


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