Exotic Toppings Et Al: We List Our Favourite Vegetarian Pizzas To Have In The City

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Pizza truly is the best thing to ever happen to us, and in the interest of all vegetarians (and then some more) in Mumbai, we have compiled a list of our favourite vegetarian pizzas. Find the cheesiest to ones with insane toppings, all here. 

Quattro Formaggi, 1Tablespoon

For the many days when we have needed a slice, just a slice – it has been 1 Tablespoon that has come to our rescue with their delicious vegetarian pizzas, with just the right crust. Not too thin, not too thick. Our suggestion? Apart from their classic New Style Pizza, go for their Quattro Formaggi with multiple types of cheese, exotic herbs like chives with a mild smoky flavour.

INR 530 for an 11-inch whole wheat crust

Paneer Makhni Pizza At Joey's

Ask anyone in Malad or Andheri about their favourite pizza, and a unanimous cheese-loving voice will say ‘Joey’s’. A small joint, Joey’s has not just a loyal fan base, but a lot in its favour. First off, they’re not stingy with their toppings, add a lot of cheese and the pizzas are rather filling. Though most known for their meaty toppings, the paneer makhani pizza with tandoori sauce paneer tikka, capsicum and onion is amazing.
Word for the wise? This one’s for those who like their crusts thick and greasy.

Price: INR 255 for a small pizza

Bombay Masala At Pizza By The Bay

No pizza list is complete without the mention of iconic Pizza By The Bay, a gorgeous sea-facing restaurant at Marine Drive. And if you've always gone there since childhood, you'll know nothing can beat their Bombay Masala - a delight for vegetarians. This vegetarian pizza, although expensive, is crunchy, medium-thin crust with a special Indian-esque masala to die for.

Price: INR 870 for an 8-inch pizza

Californian At Ray's Pizzeria

Ray’s is a small, non-fuss and a much-loved pizza joint tucked away in Hill Road, Bandra. While we do have a hard time picking just one, the California pizza is what we'd recommend. A classic pizza with traditional pizza sauce with a flavourful blend of toppings including sun dried tomatoes, artichokes and parmesan cheese. 

Price: INR 555 for a 9-inch pizza

Pizza Primavera, Francesco’s Pizzeria

Francesco’s is a lovely little Italian eatery that we go to when we can’t afford that trip to Rome. Filled with a lot of options, Francesco’s has some of the best variety of vegetarian pizzas we have had in Mumbai – but our favourite is the their pizza primavera with lots of exotic toppings and cheese. 

Have a bizzare toppings choice when it comes to pizzas? Opt for their build your own pizza with a bunch of premium and deluxe toppings. 

Price: INR 280 for a 7-inch pizza

Stella Pizza, Gustoso

Another classic eatery for their special wood fired pizza, Gustoso can't be missed out. A cheese-lover’s fantasy, the Stella pizza at Gustoso is a star-shaped pizza. The crust is filled with ricotta, scarmoza and mozarella cheese, their signature tomato sauce & some arugula leaves.

The pizza here is wood-fired and the dough is spongy and fresh. If you like the crust crispy and thin, this isn’t the pizza for you as it’s quite soft to eat.

Price: INR 850

Mac And Cheese Pizza, Juno's Pizza

This one's a pizza haven for vegetarians as this one's an all veg pizza outlet, now spread across the city. And they are super cost effective as well. If you're looking for an extra cheesy delight, go for their mac and cheese pizza. Go for this one if you're constantly struggling to choose between pasta and pizza. Enjoy this cheesy pizza which is prepared with their in-house cheesy delight. 

INR 150 for an 8-inch pizza

Jamjar Diner

Nestled in a cozy bungalow in Versova, Jamjar Diner is a quaint space where foodies meet to celebrate good food. Their Tex-Mex fare is a the talk of the town, and the sangrias are an all time brunch favorite. If you’re in the mood for pizzas, they have a limited offering that has been carefully created keeping ingredients and quality in mind. Their thin-crust pizzas are another hot selling item on the menu, and we recommend the Farm Fresh (sun-dried tomatoes, corn, and olive laid on a thin crust with pesto sauce) on your next visit. Their BBQ mushroom pizza comes highly recommended too. 

Price: INR 475 for the Farm Fresh pizza

Prithvi Café

Famous for being an art hub, Prithvi Café is a warm space that celebrates food, artistic talent and expression through art. The menu boasts of comfort food that has found loyalists all over town. From their Irish coffees to parathas and biryanis, the food menu has it all. For those looking to relish great vegetarian pizzas, the roasted mushroom pizza comes highly recommended. If you’re craving something more desi, try their paneer tikka pizza instead!

Price: INR 250 for the Roasted Mushroom

Tea Villa Café

Known for serving great teas, Tea Villa Café has become quite a hot hangout spot. From breakfast to quick lunches or even evening snacks, this café is seen buzzing with people all throughout the day. If you’re in the mood for a meal, their pizzas come highly recommended. Their exotic Italian pizza is our favorite, while the Indian spicy pizza comes a close second. You can also customise the toppings and make your own pizza!

Price:  INR 425 for the Exotic Italian Pizza


Trattoria is a fine dine 24x7 restaurant that serves authentic Italian food, and the patrons swear by the authenticity of the taste as they rave about the pizzas and pastas served here. This restaurant comes highly recommended for those who enjoy authentic Italian flavours, and since it is operational 24x7, you can drop in for a late night snack too. Their Four Cheese pizza comes highly recommended. 

Price: INR 1195 for the Four Cheese Pizza


A glass of wine served with a traditional hand-rolled pasta makes an Italian experience come alive in the heart of Mumbai. Inspired by the flavors of Italy, CinCin brings to Mumbai an impressive collection of pastas, pizzas and cicchettis (side dishes) They have an impressive collection of wine and their unique European cocktails are definitely worth trying. If you’ve got pizzas on your mind, they have an extensive menu that will leave you spoiled for choice. Try their Verdure (pepper, olive, onion) or the Filipa Goes Foraging (portobello mushroom, porcini cream, roasted garlic)

Price: INR 570 for the Verdure


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