Sasta, Sundar, Tikau: Top Wholesale Markets For Last Minute Wedding Shopping!

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There are times when you don’t want to head to a shopping mall. That’s when the best wholesale markets in Mumbai come handy. Whether it’s wedding preps or a renovation – these markets have always got your back. Shop for jewellery, bags, clothes, decor, crockery, and even flowers! There's nothing that you won't like in these markets. 

For Fabrics: Gandhi Market

Specializing in women’s fashion, Gandhi Market in Sion is one of the most popular cloth market. This market is a one-stop place for all your traditional and Indian clothing needs including salwars and dresses, lehengas, sarees, anarkalis etc. Be sure to bargain as that’s the key to saving money here.

Known For: Fabrics and cloth. You could visit these popular cloth markets as well. 

How To Get There: If you're planning on taking train, this market is just a few minutes walk from the Kings Circle station. Or you could take a cab from the Dadar station as well. 

Pro-Tip: Most shops in Gandhi Market are shut on Monday. So, maybe pick some other day for your shopping. 

For Literally Everything: Crawford Market

Probably the only market that will have everything from wedding supplies to imported fruits and from beauty products to utensils. Crawford market is probably the most-visited market in the city with dedicated lanes of each type of product. Not only are the supplies fresh, but everything here is priced well, especially if you’re buying in bulk. 

Known For: Crockery, artifical flowers, wholesale makeup stores. 

How To Get There: The nearest railway station to the market is Marine Lines and Churchgate station. From there you can cab it up, it's just 10 minutes away. 

For Some More Fabrics: Mulji Jetha Market

Another one for textiles and fabrics, head to this centuries-old market in South Mumbai to pick your choicest of materials. Known for their quality products and fine textures, some of the stock here can hardly be found anywhere else in the city. Make sure you take time out to soak in the old charm of the place, complete with skylights on the aged ceiling. 

Known For: Fabrics. 

How To Get There: It's pretty close to the Crawford Market. So, if you're there, just walk it up. Or not the nearest stations are Marine Lines, CST and Masjid Bander.

Fun Fact: This market is also claimed to be the biggest textile market in Asia.

For A Floral Touch: Dadar 'Phoolgali'

Called the Phoolgali, Dadar's flower market scores extra points for being so easy to locate – it’s right off the Dadar railway station. You get a wide variety of flowers ranging from local ones like marigold and roses to exotic ones like lilies. Not only can you find an exotic strand to take along for your date, but also get a wholesale order placed to decorate your home. 

Known For: Every type of flower! 

How To Get There: As we mentioned, this one of the most accessible places. It's literally opposite the Dadar station. 

For Vintage Decor & Antiques: Chor Bazaar

Believed to have derived its name from ‘Shor’ Bazaar owing to its noisy nature during auctions, Chor Bazaar is where you come for buying antiques. There is a resplendent array of woodwork and metal art pieces, all of which are sold at a bargain. Be sure to head here if you are decorating your new home, or simply, to pick up a novelty.

Known For: Vintage, junk and antiques, hardware and metal. 

How To Get There: Tucked away in the busy Mohammed Ali Road, the fastest way to head there is from the CST station. It's about half an hour away from the station.

For Electronic Needs & Repair: Lamington Road

This is basically the place to come to for every single electronic need – spare adapters, power supplies for new office spaces, repairing broken phones, restoring data from laptops, you get everything here. You may call this the technology hub of Mumbai, where you get everything from wristwatches to expensive servers.

Known For: Electronics. 

How To Get There: The nearest station to this market is Grant Road. However, this location is pretty well connected via buses

For The Prettiest Lights: Lohar Chawl

Situated in Kalbadevi, Lohar Chawl has a dazzling range of lights to brighten up your home. You should head here for anything, be it setting up your new home to fixing up a new office space. You will get every single type of light with every single possible variety and intensity, at the widest range of prices. 

Known For: Quirky lights.

How To Get There: We'd say take a direct cab till the market. Or not you can get off at the nearest Marine Lines station. 

For Crockeries You Can Boast About: Musafir Khana

A good old market next to the Crawford Market, this market space specializes in crockery, Chinaware, kitchen essentials and utensils at cheap rates. From silver trays to unique plates, you'll find it all here. If you're looking for budget shopping, this is the place to hit up. 

Known For: Crockery

How To Get There: Again, get off at the Marine Lines station and cab it up from there. There are a bunch of share cabs too available. 

Dharavi Leather Market

Here's where you can shop from to look classy without burning a hole in your pocket. Home to the largest leather market, head here if you're a true admirer of leather goods, but do not really want to break the bank. From backpacks to chic leather jackets and from belts to shoes, this market will spoil you for choice.

Known For: Leather goods

How To Get There: Train is the best way to reach there. Get off at Mahim station (for western) or Sion (for central) and take a rickshaw or a cab from there. 


Go to all the mentioned places with your bargaining skills. Also, most markets are shut on Mondays, so do check thoroughly before heading. Wear your masks and sanitize at all times, because these are super crowded places you'll be venturing into. 


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