Tea, Coffee Or Kombucha: Sip Away While Watching Cricket

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Cricket season is back again. While there have been Test matches in England, as well as T20 International, nothing gets the adrenaline pumped like the Indian Premier League. With your favourite teams battling it out for supremacy in UAE, it's going to be hard to not visit the stadiums and inhale the atmosphere that live cricket gives you. The cheers, the groans, and the oohs and aahs of nearly 80,000 people in one area is not going to be seen for a while, thanks to COVID-19, but who said you can't enjoy yourself?

Instead, you'll be tuning in to your television screen, sipping on some much needed refreshments (I'm not talking about alcohol here!) and rooting for your favourite teams. If you want to guzzle, what's better than some of the finest teas, coffees and kombuchas to sip on, right? They're a great option to keep you fueled up and raring to go. So, here's out checklist of what you need while screaming for your team's victory!

Toyo Kombucha

Toyo Kombucha

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This Delhi-based fizzy booch taste so good and comes in three different flavours - original, lemongrass and mango. The kombucha is brewed in a temperature and humidity controlled unit that has a mix of five types of Darjeeling and Assam black teas (we're loving the sound of this!) It's fermented for up to 17 days and this actually helps to mellow the flavours. All in all, a great drink to try. Best bit? It's available right here on Shop on LBB. Go on, treat your friends this IPL season too!

On The Pocket: 330 ML bottle will cost you INR 95

Brewhouse Ice Tea


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What's the best way to beat the heat? Well, freshly brewed ice tea sounds like a good plan! Using leaves straight from the Nilgiris, Brewhouse gives you options to pick from - lemon, peach, honey mint, blue berry, forest berry and more. What's so good about this brand is that the iced tea isn't sickly sweet, but has the right amount of top notes in terms of flavour and the perfect amount of sweetness. Order it right here on LBB!

On The Pocket: INR 360 for a pack of 9 bottles; INR 960 for a pack of 24 bottles.

Cohoma - Cold Brews

Cohoma's a brand that not a lot of us have heard of but really need to. It's about time, really. The brand takes its coffee really seriously, and you can pick from roasted coffee beans across four flavours to cold brew in three flavours. You can also pick from their range of coffee bags and on-the-go coffee; it's all here on LBB. We gotta say that they ace it when it comes to the packaging game, don't you think?

On The Pocket: INR 340 onwards

Psst: We love their Cinnamon Hazelnut variant - so refreshing!

Sleepy Owl

This has now become a household name. Sleepy Owl really knows it's coffee, so it only makes sense that you pick from their range of coffee - dark roast hot brew bags, original cold brew bags, cinnamon cold brew bags, dark roast bags and their ready-to-drink iced coffee (yum!) It's the perfect companion when you're raring to go and cheer for your team and want a healthy refreshing kick!

On The Pocket: INR 300 for hot brew bags; INR 500 for cold brew bags, INR 600 for ready-to-drink bottles (6 nos.)

Atmosphere Kombucha

Alright, we're going to be honest - we love how this looks. The pastel colours make it an instant favourite, and we haven't even gone on to the taste yet. Atmosphere Kombucha is fizzy with the right amounts of sweet, making it one of the best chasers to enjoy. They have so many fruity flavours - spicy ginger, plum, lychee, exotic lime, blueberry lavender, blue mint, raspberry lemonade, mango berry, flower power - so you've got one to try for each match! Yay!

On The Pocket: INR 880 for a pack of 4

Dr. Booch

Dr. Booch

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Dr. Booch is a name a lot of us are familiar with, with it's absolutely delightful taste and ahem, lovely glass bottles that we've come to love (hey, you can upcycle the bottles and make them into planters!). You'll find that they're available in eight fun flavours - beetroot ginger, apple cinnamon, ginger, cucumber mint,rose rosemary, mint mango, pineapple clove and blueberry ginger. It's a probiotic tea brewed with organic tea blends , organic sugar and fresh SCOBY - the perfect drink for days fueled with high energy!

On The Pocket: INR 999 for a pack of 8

Psst: Get it right here on LBB!

The Coffee Brewing Co.

This brand has coffee that's sourced from the estates in Chikmagalur, roasted to perfection, which makes the coffee less acidic and full of rich flavours. They have roasted beans, coffee powder, flavoured instant coffee and decaf - so many options to pick from, right?

On The Pocket: Starts from INR 340

Psst: They also have a brew kit gift box that'll make for the perfect gift!


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