Love Jumping In The Water? Try These Fun Activities In The City

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Were you always the kid who irked the swimming pool instructor by saying ‘five minutes more’ just so you could enjoy being in the water for longer? And if old habits die hard for you, then you must combine it with fitness. Sign up for these water workouts and thank us later.

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics at Ce’st La Vie is an aerobics class, but in water. If you take up Aqua Aerobics, not only do you shape your body in a much more efficient way but also energise your mind. What's great is that the excersise is impact free that's great for bone density and helps in toning up muscles you wouldn't usually use. These classes are great to boost your strength and flexibility. Aqua Aerobicsat at Ce’st La Vie in Bandra has classes throughout the week. You don't need to know how to swim to take these classes.

Price: Classes start at INR 5,000 for 12 sessions.

#LBBTip: You can also try it at Dr. Prachi Shah’s Health And Fitness Studio in Malad


We've heard of aqua aerobics, but the concept of aqua cycling was a new one to us. Conducted at Sofitel BKC, this is an Aquastrength class or aqua spinning class. It's a great way to burn those calories and tone up your body in a fun, new way. We hear you can burn upto 800 calories per session, making this a fab way to lose those inches. Classes are from 8 AM - 8:45 AM Mon - Sat.

Price: Cost per class is INR 1,100. If you sign up for a package deal, you'll get 12 sessions at INR 12,000 which you can use over a month. 

Deepali Jain’s Aqua Fitness

One of the original proponents of aqua fitness, Deepali Jain is a certified fitness trainer and instructor who conducts classes in gyms across the city. Aqua fitness is a versatile and engaging way to achieve those fitness goals. What's great is it helps you tone up without putting additional pressure on your joints, while helping you build your strength.