What Is It?

About 185 kms away from Mumbai, Bhandardara is a secluded, unexplored hill station with a camping site across its lake. It’s ideal for when you want to escape the city for a night, camp out and be at ease with nature. With Diwali approaching and humans making it difficult for pets {specially dogs}, a trip to Bhandardara becomes relevant.

Where Is It?

It’s a remote area in the Ahmednagar district and is home to a dam and Amruteshwar Temple {a 11th century AD Lord Shiva Temple}. About four hours from Mumbai, it is a little village that sits by the Pravara River, around 780 metres above sea level.

How Do I Get There?

Bhandardara is around 180km from Mumbai, 160km from Pune and 75km from Nashik. The ideal way is to take your car or rent one {you can choose from this list we made earlier} and take the Nashik highway. When you reach the lake, there are boats available to ferry you to the camp site. They will come back to fetch you in the morning.


What Is Unique About It?

It’s lush, near a river and is safe for your pets. An untouched destination by tourists, it’s a great place to look at a life beyond concrete. The locals are helpful and if you’re lucky, you can buy some fresh produce from the local market on your way back home.

Best Time To Visit

Between the months of June – October is when you’ll find the waterfalls in their glory, go firefly-spotting just before monsoon or experience a bit of nip in the air post October.

 Don’t Leave Home Without…

There are no tour operators organising trips around the area so it’s best to carry tents, sleeping bags and an extra blanket. Also carry sunglasses and sunscreen for the morning.

#LBBTip: Food can be carried or arranged through the boat people as well. You can call Rohitash on +919637945105.

Photos courtesy: Sanyja Santiago