Lazy Readers, This Online Library Will Home-Deliver Your Books For Free

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Love books? Subscribe to Big Books where you can rent books and get them home-delivered for as cheap as INR 200 a month.

What Makes It Awesome

Book-lovers, this one’s for you. We recently stumbled upon this amazing website, and boy, what a find this is. An online books rental portal, bibliophiles can get access to lakhs of books across 11 categories and 100 sub-categories such as fiction (romance, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, general, thrillers, etc.), non-fiction (travel, sports, philosophy, etc.), biographies, business, comics, health, and a whole lot more here.

They also have a large collection of books that are out of reprint and circulation such as the Travis McGee series, Philip Marlowe and more. The website lets members rent unlimited books and keep them for an unlimited period of time too (hell yeah!).

All their plans are extremely affordable, with the basic one starting at INR 200 per month. Their ever-expanding database is also constantly updated with new releases and books that are added based feedback from members (yes, they encourage you to share your thoughts). They also have multiple copies (all original, no pirated copies here) of books making it easier for readers. All the books are in good condition and they expect you to treat them with just as much love. They offer free home delivery and pick-up, with next-day delivery guaranteed (this is just getting better and better).

Their subscription module is pretty simple, but before we get there, let us blow your minds with their awesome plans. They offer four kinds of plans – Desire, where you can take one book at a time, and pay INR 200 for one month, INR 500 for three, INR 950 for six and INR 1,750 for one year; the next plan, Love, lets you take two books at a time and you pay INR 325 for one month, INR 875 for three, INR 1,700 for six and INR 3,250 for the year; their third plan, Passion, lets you take three books at a time for INR 400 per month, INR 1,150 for three, INR 2,250 for six and INR 4,375 for the year; the last plan.

Obsession, allows you to take four books at a time for INR 500 per month, INR 1,450 for three, INR 2,825 for six and INR 5,500 for the year. At the time of signing up, you also give a deposit of INR 125. All you need to do is fill up their form online and get started.


If you’d rather put your face in a book (see what we did there?) than do anything else, then this is the website made just for you. Waste no time and start reading already, because you honestly don’t know what you’re missing out on right now.

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