You Can Get Lemongrass, Popcorn & Chai-Flavoured Ice-Cream Home-Delivered

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Tis the season for summer, popsicles, ice- lollies and.. a lot of ice-cream. Try some of Bina’s Homemade Ice-cream for a good taste of summer.

Screamin' For Ice-Cream Together

Bina, a ice-cream churner scoops fresh, handmade ice-cream from what she calls an ice-cream workshop in South Bombay. The ice-cream is churned slowly over time, and made in an indian kulhad.

These are available for home delivery, and has a mix of classic and innovative flavours available. From spicy guava {premixed with the delicious kala namak}, nougat, chai biskoot flavour and even a popcorn one, she’s got almost all the options you can make up in your head. The most loved flavour, however, is lemongrass {INR 365 a tub}.

So, We're Saying...

Save in a flavour, and let your feet lead you to the fridge whenever summer is calling.


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