Find Comfort Food, Coffee And Books At Navi Mumbai's New Cafe, Binge On

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Navi Mumbai is now home to a cafe named Binge On! We explore why you should stop by for some conversations, good food and music.

What Is It?

Born out of sheer passion for good food in a relaxed ambience, Sunetra Maity has always had a thing for quaint looking cafes that provided comfort food. Binge On! was born out of a need to provide Navi Mumbai with a spot where people can relax, sip a tea or two and indulge in comfort food. There’s an upper deck with floor seating, a guitar for music lovers and books to read.

Chow Down

They have infused cuisines with a tinge of Bengali ingredients to add drama. So expect to eat kashundi grilled vegetable salad {INR 220} and panch phoran marinated fish & chips with aioli & kashundi dip {INR 300}. You can also stuff your face with soya basil mushrooms {INR 150}, banana Nutella and peanut butter grilled sandwich {INR 160}. They get their cookies, tea cakes and desserts baked at home. The purpose is to keep the cafe as “homely” as possible.

Sip on

They have herbal teas {mango, hibiscus, rose and lemongrass} that are directly sourced from the tea estates of Assam. The coffee that you’ll sip here is hand-beaten and not from the machine.

So, We're Saying...

If you want some comfort food and seek homemade goodness, Binge On! could be you next stop.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai