Quarantine Watchlist: 10 Classics To Re-Watch While Social Distancing

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Social isolation’s a given for all of us for the next couple of weeks, and we’re all gonna be spending a lot more time indoors… AKA at home. AKA on the couch. A laptop on front of you, and on the close horizon, your TV. While a world of new stuff is out there to binge watch, the Classics (or, the stuff we consider Classics). In case you forgot about the tried-and-true, here’s a taaza reminder.

The Office + B99 + Parks and Rec

Michael Schur and Co. produced and co-created The Office, Parks and Recreation, and even Brooklyn 99! We had to put this trifecta at the top of the list. If you’re an OG, you’ve probably watched and rewatched all 3.

And if you haven’t… now’s your chance to get in on the hype. Before you know it, you’ll be printing banners for your friends saying “It is your birthday”, celebrating Galentine’s Day, and relying on I Want It That Way (by the Backstreet Boys) to make critical decisions.

Sex And The City

There had to be a guilty pleasure on this list, so this one’s unavoidable! While you’re stuck at home, this binge-friendly series is a warm hit of nostalgia - for the 90s, for New York, and for the times you could gallivant around the city. All 6 of SATC’s seasons are always fun to watch, and you’ve obviously got enough time for the movies, too! Wink.

That 70s Show

As sitcommy as sitcoms get, That 70s Show is dearly loved, perpetually alluded to in newer shows, and is the creator of this generation’s biggest OTPs (One True Pairing, One-Time Password nahi) - Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis (DUH). Give this one a rewatch, because we know you miss Michael, Jackie, Steven and Eric!


It’s 9 unforgettable seasons of pure comedy. There aren’t a lot of shows where the protagonist literally plays himself, and Jerry Seinfeld really kills it with his observational comedy bits. Touted as one of the greatest shows in television history, this one’s always worth a rewatch! Make sure you make the fam/your roommates sit through all 180 episodes!

30 Rock

These trying times call for all the humour we can manage to get. Created by Tina Fey, this Emmy-award winning series is apparently known as one of the best-written TV shows of all time. Whoa! It’s a fresh premise you’ve never seen before… Unless you’ve already watched the show. We won’t spoil it for you, so go ahead and watch Liz Lemon and Co!

Mad Men

We’d love the idea of a time capsule, especially right now, and Mad Men kind of fulfills that purpose, in every episode. A trip back to the 60s, Mad Men traces the life and times of an advertising (problematic) genius. Dive deep into the world while retro, peace signs and wigs were all the rage, and marvel at how much (and how little!) has changed since then!


Medical dramas, anyone? If Grey's Anatomy isn't quite your speed, House is worth a try! Fuelled by his satirical wit and lethal amounts of Vicodin, House is a gifted doctor whose diagnoses err on the side of, well, controversial AF.
Hugh Laurie portrays this weirdly lovable character amazingly well, and we honestly can't see him as anyone but Dr. House. Also, his bromance with Dr. James Wilson is so criminally underrated, we can't.

Ab ghar pe baithe hi ho, toh House dekh lo, yaar. Sorry.

Gilmore Girls

OMG, this is the perfect show to watch with your mum. Lorelai and Rory embody the perfect (yet stormy) maa-beti relationship, and it'll have you feeling thankful about all the family time you've suddenly got. If you're not with your family, that's alright. Make some coffee (you'll grow quite obsessed with it after watching this show), and put this one on!

It takes a while to pick up, so make sure you give it a fair chance!


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