Motichoor & Carrot Cake, Burfi Bars & More: We Love This New Fusion Dessert Company

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A new, colourful dessert company has opened up in Mumbai, and it’s taking your traditional Indian mithai and turning it around on its head.

What Is It?

Bistapurfi {a fun switcheroo on the traditional pista barfi} is the Indian mithai upgrade we have all been unknowingly seeking. Started by Reynold Mascarenhas and Harshit Agarwal, Bistapurfi is the newest dessert venture that is taking your staple family function sweet, dressing it up and making it fit for a party.

These colourful, pastel and very clean desserts are very appealing and come in various forms such as the falooda in a cake form, motichoor and carrot cake, coconut rabdi and gulab jamun tart, and even a blueberry malai burfi bar. Want more? There’s sweet paan disguised as a chocolate truffle and kaju katli married with flavours of raspberry and made into a bar .

We tried the motichoor and carrot cake, which is a motichoor ladoo, covered with vanilla mousse, carrot cake and a light orange dusting. Priced at INR 199, this dessert is takes our favourite ladoo and makes it ten times better than we’ve ever had, without tasting too unfamiliar. It was, layered, creamy and delicious.

So, We're Saying...

We think that these are some of the most unique desserts we have had for a while, and definitely recommend them to you.

Call them up on +91 8369491592 between 10pm–7pm to place your order. Check out their website here for a good look at the menu.


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