Tribal, Understated & Traditional: Have You Been To Blingstation Yet?

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We're guilty of planning outfits around statement jewellery. Are you guilty of doing the same? If you are, you're gonna love everything Blingstation offers! They've got lots of designer jewellery, silver jewellery and fashion jewellery that you can wear for all kinds of occasions and non-occasions! Think stuff that's appropriate for Diwali, Rakshabandhan and weddings!
Apart from earrings, they've got chains, chokers and necklaces, too.

We noticed a lot of popular designs that are in this season, and many timeless classics, too. So the range is quite vast and very, very well-curated. While it is called Blingstation (and they do have a lot of blingy stuff), we spotted many understated, office-friendly designs, too, and even a few tribal motifs. We're pretty sure that you'll be picking up quite a few pairs if you were to shop from them!

The range starts at a reasonable INR 99 and goes up to INR 599.


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