We like to hip with the hop and do the tango every once in a while, we’ll bob our heads politely at the right time when our friends play jazz, but the truth is, something is truly holding us back until the drum starts rolling and Bollywood music begins to resound. Keep this list handy for when the cravings to dance on Bollywood music are insatiable, have a fabulous time, and remember – when in doubt, just move like Govinda.

Indus, Colaba

Photo source: Indus, Hotel Diplomat

Photo source: Indus, Hotel Diplomat

Great for continuing the party, Indus at Diplomat is just the club for partying, especially if you have been pre-gaming in SoBo. Be warned however that weekends can get crazy with so many young, enthuasiastic Bollywood-loving souls on the dance floor at once.

When: You’ll find Bollywood blasting from every corner here every night, but Fridays and Saturdays are your best bet for a good time.

Club Sirkus, Vile Parle

Sahara Star hotel’s Club Sirkus has really fun commercial plus Bollywood nights on Friday and Saturday, but more than anything, we enjoy the monthly or bi-monthly standalone Bollywood nights they hold. The next one up is on Sept 16 by DJ Chetan.

#LBBTip: They are quite particular about dress code so remember no shorts, and no flip-flops here. There is a couple’s entry charge depending on the day, Fridays INR 4,000 {cover is INR 3,600}, on Saturdays the charge is 5,000 {cover is INR 4,500}. Women are allowed to enter for gratis before 11.30pm.

When: Fri & Sat, 10pm–3am

Hard Rock Cafe, Andheri

Photo source: Hard Rock Cafe, Andheri

Photo source: Hard Rock Cafe, Andheri

Kind of shocking, but we’ll deal with it – Hard Rock Café does like to mix it up with Bollywood music once in a while, or in Andheri’s case, every Thursday. We can only imagine what a night it will be, doing thumkas surrounded by the memorabilia of the kings and queens of rock.

When: Thursday nights

Cafe Sabrosa, BKC

If you, unfortunately, have to come into work on Saturday, don’t feel disheartened. Just move on over to Cafe Sabrosa who kill it with their take on Bollywood nights. The music doesn’t stop and the people, too. The DJ is very open to requests here, so go on over and ask DJ to play your song.

When: Saturday nights

Radio Bar, Bandra

Photo source: Radio Bar

Photo source: Radio Bar

If you’re a Bandra bae, pop into local joint Radio Bar on Thursdays to shake the week up a little with a full-blown Bollywood night. While we have always enjoyed their decor, and if you haven’t checked it out – you should have a look at that too whilst you’re there.

When: Thursday nights, 9pm onwards

Zoobar, Vile Parle

Photo source: ZooBar

Photo source: ZooBar

Zoobar is no-holds-barred when it comes to Hindi music. Visit them on either Friday or Saturday nights and they will play up the night with both commercial English music and Bollywood tunes and Punjabi music. The crowd usually picks up at around 10pm here, so you can plan your night accordingly.

When: Fri & Sat, 9.30pm–1.30am

Soho Tapas Bar, Andheri

We’re sensing a theme, but Soho Tapas Bar in Andheri West mixes its beats with their in-house DJ every Thursday. While there isn’t a dance floor per se, there is plenty of space for you to start {and not stop} the party.

When: Thursdays,  9pm–1.30am

Please Don’t Tell, Lower Parel

But we just did. Inspired by the Speakeasy bars when alcohol was prohibited in the states, PDT has a cool, grungy and underground vibe to it. The door only swings open after you have successfully dialled the right number on their red payphone {we just can’t say the word without breaking into the song}. And why all the secrecy, we wonder. Well, maybe it is cuz they have a raging Bollywood night once a week. And we’re going to have our handy black overcoat on to get to that.

When: Wednesdays, 10pm onwards

Featured photo source: Designatic via Pexels [CC0]